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    Rules Of the site

    Kaji Mikoto
    Kaji Mikoto

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    Rules Of the site Empty Rules Of the site

    Post  Kaji Mikoto on Mon Apr 26, 2010 3:31 am

    Here are the rules, i may add more if the need arises

    1.First off if I give you the admin or mod powers DO NOT abuse them, I will revoke your status and possibly suspend you if you do

    2.Multiple Characters-you can as many customs as you want as long as none of them go inactive, and the same goes for canons, as long as all chars are actively Rp'ing, i dont care how many you have

    3.Godmodding- DO NOT GODMOD its dirty, underhanded and i will ban repeat offenders. if you dont know what godmodding is, it is

    -Dodging every attack

    -Auto hitting

    -not getting exhausted

    -Controlling other characters without their consent

    -Using attacks/abilities that are not on your character application

    4.Language- this one can get messy but here are the ground rules, you can say whatever you want, just don't direct it at anyone, and don't anything racial

    5.Post length- i know not everyone is a master rp'er hell even I'm not one, but i want at least 1 paragraph a post, the exception is if its a private topic and the other players agree to a new posting limit

    6.Plot-Follow the plot please, if your Aizen and the plot say's your gonna invade Soul society don't go signing a peace treaty with them, same goes for Soul Society and the vizard

    7.Relating self to characters- inoue does not have any family but here dead brother, chad has no family as of now, So no relating your self to a canon character what so ever, custom chars can have relatives f the custom you want to be related to say's its ok

    8.Spiritual Energy-People tend to forget their limits sometimes DO NOT abuse your spirit energy its not infinite so you better show some signs of fatigue later on it topics

    9.Canon Characters-Canons are first come first serve, if the one you want is taken choose someone else

    10.Character Challenge-if a canon is inactive for two weeks or more without posting a leave of absence then you can request the character

    11.Registering- when registering you name should have at least one of your characters names, be it first, last, or both as long as it one of them

    12.Activity-if your inactive for two weeks or more without posting a leave of absence your account is labeled inactive and any canons you had go back up for grabs grabs and admins can revoke your customs approved status

    13.Ranks-If you want to be A captain/espada, your Rp sample should be 3 paragraphs long, i dont want the head captain/ or an espada posting one liners

    14.Relationships-Okay your character might fall in love,and you might might want to Rp a little bit mature of a topic(lemon) if so make sure you put private and Lemon in BIG BOLD LETTERS so we know not to go there

    15.Squads and Fraccion- you can join any squad as long as there's a captain to lead it, to join a fraccion you must have permission from an espada

    16.Character Approval-Only Admins Can Approve Characters, and you will need two approvals to be allowed to RP

    17.Chatbox-DO NOT start a fight in the chatbox, if you get into an argument take it to PM, if an admin asks you to and you dont thats grounds to be kicked from the chatbox, continuing the fight will result in a one hour banning from the chatbox

    18.Character Backgrounds- BE ORIGINAL i don't want to see inoue clones or clones of other canons

    19.Custom Characters-your pretty much open to do whatever like as long as its not GM, but i do not want to see characters from other anime's adapted bleach, that means No copying any other anime/manga for character ideas, you character cant have sharingan, or anything like that

    20.Zanpactous-customs chars must have a custom zanpactou, you cant have zangetsu, and you can't have zabimaru, however if your zanpactou is inspired by that chars but is still somewhat original then it might get approved, for example i had a friend whose zanpactou was a fire version of hitsugya's zanpactou

    21.Applications-If you need to change something in your app let an admin know so we can unlock it for you, and let us know what you added or changed, all changes will take effect in new Rp's old ones will be unaffected by the changes

    22. Behavior-No racist, sexist, or homophobic behavior. No insulting another member because of their race, gender, sexuality, or religion. This will not be tolerated.

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