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    To the Staff and Members


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    To the Staff and Members

    Post  kenjisaintz on Wed May 26, 2010 7:17 pm

    Hello, good day to you.

    I am quite saddened to say that I will be leaving this site in favor of a new site we are going to make, which will require my assistance.

    Also, since this forum is not at anyway getting support from the administrators and the owner, its best to leave before anyone gets attached. I understand that the owner is busy and all, as well as the others, but I will also be busy on 3 sites that I am an administrator, including my Site, a naruto site and a new bleach site.

    I will return once the administrators decides to take care of the site, but I will not ask for my position as "Captain-Commander" anymore. In accordance to that, I will back out from my position and is asking to be removed from the group of 1st Division Captain.

    That is all, thank you and I'm sorry.

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