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    Nyuu (done)


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    Nyuu (done) Empty Nyuu (done)

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    General Information
    Name: Nyuu/Lucy
    Age: 146
    Visual Age: 18
    Gender: Female
    Number: N/A
    Appearance: Nyuu (done) 21-74

    Nyuu has reddish hair and reddish eyes, her body looks normal and athletic. She has a slightly large bust line, but too disproportional to her body type, she also has small horns which are the fragments of her Hollow mask. She is always smiling no matter what unless her split personality kicks in. At that point she is almost always glaring. Only her facial expressions change depending on which personality is in control.
    Innate ability: High speed regeneration
    Aspect of death: none

    Resurrection name: Diclonius
    Resurrection Command: Kill them all Diclonius
    Resurrection Looks: Nyuu/Lucy's horns increase in size and nothing else seems to change.
    Elemental family: Reiatsu
    Resurrection ability(ies): Nyuu/Lucy has 8 arms that are technically invisible, although they are made of reiatsu and can be somewhat seen. Anyone who is exposed to them long enough or often enough can see them easily. she can use them to attack others, hold others or defend herself. They can be affected by kidou and blockable by Bakudou #81 Danku (Splitting void).

    Nyuu/Lucy can lift extremely heavy objects with her extra arms that she can't lift with her normal arms. These objects can be throw at enemies or used as defensive shielding. Her reiatsu based arms can not auto kill, but could possibly removes limbs. Note: Auto kills are only possible if the victim desire to die, otherwise the worst that happens is severe damage to her opponent.
    Second ressurection: N/A
    Second ressurection looks: N/A
    Second ressurection ability: N/A

    Personality and background

    Personality: Nyuu is warm hearted and caring, she seems out of place amongst the inhabitants of Hueco Mundo. She is always trying to be helpful to everyone regardless of race and often gets chased by other Hollows for letting souls get away from them. In fact it is usually her stopping them from eating souls on purpose that gets her chased. She is sort of shy and timid, but has her moments of bravery/foolishness. She dislikes seeing anyone hurt and tends to say only Nyuu.

    Lucy her split personality has a full vocabulary and is pretty much Nyuu's opposite in many ways. Lucy pretty much hates everyone and will do what ever she thinks is necessary. Like Nyuu Lucy stops other Hollows from eating souls, but unlike Nyuu, Lucy does it so she can eat them instead. Any Hollow who is lower on the hierarchy than her gets eaten if they complain about what she does. Lucy is ruthless and dislikes almost everyone.
    Background: Nyuu woke up in Hueco Mundo 146 years and began her new existence as a Hollow. She slowly began to get stronger eating human souls and finding it wasn't enough. She than saw another Hollow who was eating not human souls but other Hollows. Nyuu decided she would try this and see what it was like.

    The Hollow suddenly found himself with Nyuu wrapped around him as she started eating him. She found the taste better than human souls and wanted more. She began eating Hollows even in Hueco Mundo, the other Hollows soon learned to avoid her when she showed up. Those who didn't ceased to be fairly quickly. Eventually over many years she progressed to the point of Gillian class Menos Grande. Than again to Adjuchas where she barely avoided attempts made by Grimmjows group to eat here.

    She became adept at dodging the attempts of other Hollows to eat her and achieved moving up to the classification of Vasto Lordess. From there her advancement seemed to halt. She spent years consuming anything she could to become stronger, including other Vasto Lordess when possible. She became very angry that she couldn't advance and become stronger. In a fit if rage she grabbed her mask and tried to rip it off. She actually ripped it mostly off, leaving only the horns of her mask in place. Although she became stronger, she developed a split personality that made her unpredictable.

    No one could tell which personality was in charge at first. Eventually they learned the tell tale signs by watching her behavior patterns. Also her facial expressions let them know, mostly because she learned how to trick people acting like Nyuu while Lucy was in charge. This tended to get into difficult situations when Nyuu was in charge. While her personality changes she seems to space off and her behavior changes drastically. Although Lucy has learned how to fake the process for her own amusement, the process is often actually taking place.

    Role-play Sample: Nyuu watches as the other Hollows advance on her intent on teaching her a lesson. She backs up fearfully trying to stay out of their reach bumping into a wall. "Nyuu?" the other Hollows laugh as they advance on her.

    Nyuu looks down and pauses all movements, the other Hollows keep advancing. Nyuu's face change from nervousness to a sadistic grin and she looks up at them. She advances and the others stop in confusion. One of them realizes what is going and and starts backing up. "Damn it that isn't Nyuu, it's Lucy lets get out of here!" Lucy smirks and launches her attacks on them intent on taking them all down before any of them can escape.
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    Approved.... I'm fearful from running into her in the past. T.T

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