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    Kuraiyami Hana (DONE)

    Kuraiyami Hana
    Kuraiyami Hana

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    General Information

    Name: Kuraiyami Hana
    NickName: (Translation for above: Darkness Flower) Kurai
    Age: 150+
    Gender: Female
    Visual Age: 18
    Ex-Squad:None; Known as only a shinigami for the 2nd division.
    Rank: N/A

    Appearance: Kurai has long red/orange hair that drops to the ground, this is usually stopped when she changes her hair style, she has light blue eyes and allways holds a smile. Kurai's skin changes color according to tempature; humidity; exe to be able to stay in hard conditions. This can be seen by looking at the top of her hands, where you would see her veins poping out, in which would go back in later on when her skin does change.
    Haru, on the other hand in a pure white cat, that when provoked, turns into a large snow white lion. He has lived with Kurai all of both his & her life, some think he has a gift due to him liveing for so many years.


    Personality: Kurai is usually shy when around other people. Her & her grandmother moved to Karakura town after there current house was sold which would help her get on track, but she lost all of the friends she has & is too afraid of makeing new ones. Opposed to Haru, he loves makeing new friends & encourages Kurai to make new ones. Kurai allways takes him almost everywhere she goes & allways plays with him like a brother. This sometimes changes when she has excaped from her GiGai and in shinigami form, when her hollow's personality shows up, almost anytime she fights a arrancar.

    When Kurai was growing up she had many friends & many athletic classes such as, gymnastics, track, swimming, & ice scateing. This made Kurai very quick & flexable. At the age of 13 her mother & father were killed in a house fire caused by a gas leak. Luckly she was at a friends house at that moment. e lives with her grandmother & her cat, Haru. At the age of 15 she learned her abilities. It took her a year to master them, but now she only uses them in case of a huge problem. Soon after that, she did master these movements, & went on practiceing by swinging building to building, untill one day she was found and asked to leave her human life behind, to become a shinigami. She agreed to this, but not exactly sure if she should have. Once he brought her to Kisuke Urahara's shop, all went wrong. Instead of becomeing a shinigami she became a Vizard, she has not yet tamed her Vizard side, and sometimes the worst from the hollow comes out from her & shows in her personality. She has never wanted to have anyone know that she is a Vizard, so she has kept it between herself, her grandmother, & Haru, that she is only a shinigami. No one knows that she is a vizard except for those 3; all of the other shinigami think that she is only also; a shinigami. She has allways hated fighting hollows and arrancar, but she can fight the ones who do harm, in her time she has actually made friends with small hollows who wandered out in the human world, in which, she has reconized by them being children when they were still alive; & soon talked them into going back to Hueco Mundo.

    Role-play Sample:
    Kurai was walking along the sidewalks looking to the sky with nothing to do, & Haru skipped becide her happy to see such a beautiful day, Kurai's hair was in a small bun while the rest of it hung down to the back of her kneecaps & blew with the light wind. She wore a white shirt with a chibi panda eating some bamboo & light blue jeans with afew stains on them. She stopped walking for a second, senceing a small relatsu just around the corner. "Common Haru-San." she said calmly as she turned the corner. Haru stopped skipping for a second then soon began walking slowly behind her watching for what it might be. At first she saw only small yellow eyes, then when she came into full view was a small hollow. It was just sitting there, watching her. "Hey there..." she cooed for a second inching her way towards it. "Don't worry, I'm a friend..." she continued holding out a hand to it. The veins on her wrists were beging to pop out as they got used to not sitting in the sun, in which later turned her skin a pale white color. The holow quickly stood up takeing a step back & placeing itself in a defence position. Kurai looked down to Haru who was now studying the hollow then soon smiled seeing him walk towards the hollow & mew to it talking to it. The hollow looked to Haru for a second listining to him then soon looked back to Kurai as she squatted down in front of it with her hands on her knees & smileing lightly. She held out a hand watching for what it was going to do. Afew moments afew this it walked forward opening it's small mouth to nibble on her index finger at first, then soon realeseing it seeing no harm, & quickly jumping on her shoulder. Kurai laughed seeing & feeling this & slipped the bracelet off of her right wrist then soon trying to get it around the hollow's mask & onto it's neck. "There." she said with a small laugh. "Now you cannot be senced ot seen except by other arrancars." she said softly rubbing her hand agenst it's mask. The hollow closed it's yellow eyes & made a growl like purr sound happy with this. Haru soon jumped on Kurai's head pawwing at the hollow's mask wanting to play with it. "Now Now Haru-San," she began, "Let's wait untill we get home, then you two can play in my room;" she stopped for a second looking to the hollow then laughed again saying, "No ceros either mister." the hollow looked up to her at first confused, then smiled widely showing his larged jagged & white pointed teeth. She afterwards walked from the ally beging to walk back down the sidewalk wondering why it was so easy for her to calm & befriend hollows, she thought at first that she could be some hollow charmer, but soon shook her head thinking that was too stupid to think.


    Zanpakto Name: Harikai
    Sealed Zanpakuto Appearance:
    Kuraiyami Hana (DONE) Samurai3000katana
    Element: Darkness/Plant
    Release Command: Hariukai rise from your seed!
    Shikai Look:
    Kuraiyami Hana (DONE) Kyoufu11
    Shikai Ability: She is able to control plants under her around her, exe & use them to either hurt or kill her opponent.
    Bankai Name: Deathly Plants.
    Bankai Look: At this time many diffrant types of flower pedals will swerve around both her & her opponent.
    Bankai Ability: These pedals hold a toxic poision that if numorous pedals were to cut her opponent, would cause him/her to become weak, to where she could win easly. Sometimes if her opponent has had too much of this, he/she will die. All pedals have been drawn to cut like a daggar. She can mold almost anything from them. Although, this Bankai takes up most of her spirit energy, & can only be used at least once in a week, even one use will cause her to need bedrest, 2 uses in a month will cause her to not be able to move for at least 2 weeks. If she uses it 3 times in a month, right after the Bankai loses power, she will die almost immediatly after extream pain in her body.
    Zanpakuto Spirit Appearance:
    Kuraiyami Hana (DONE) Anime_Guy_by_CannibalTaco34
    Zanpakuto Spirit Personality: Usually very nice & condisiderate, anytime Kurai is asleep he talks to her in her dreams about the problems she has in her real life, & sometimes just needy, or likes screwing around with her.
    Duration: 5 posts
    Cooldown: 4 posts

    Mask Information
    Name:HazuHana (Killer Flower)
    Manifestation: Of course, she looks exactly like Kurai, except with pure white hair just as long as hers is, bright yellow eyes, white skin & clothing, black darkness surrounds the pool of yellow in her eyes, and allways has a wide smile. Her voice is like a child's; much diffrant from Kurai's.
    Inner Hollow Personality: Usually very snotty, she loves fighting & allways trys to piss off anyone around her.
    Mask Ability: Gargantua
    Hollow Mask Appearance:
    Kuraiyami Hana (DONE) Vizard_mask_design_by_Iron_Fox
    Duration Cooldown:
    Duration: 7 posts
    Cooldown: 10 posts

    Kido Type: Bakudou
    Number: (Need to be told.)
    Effect: (Need to be told.)

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    Looks good but one thing, you mask cool down is three more posts than duration , Ex. 5/8
    Kuraiyami Hana
    Kuraiyami Hana

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    Edited, but as much as I want to post some RP posts, I need some help with my Kido.
    Kaji Mikoto
    Kaji Mikoto

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