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    Sadaharu Ibaraki (Vizard)

    Sadaharu Ibaraki
    Sadaharu Ibaraki

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    General Information

    Name:Sadaharu Ibaraki
    NickName: Sada
    Age: 913
    Gender: Male
    Visual Age: 27
    Ex-Squad: 7th Division
    Ex-Rank: Captain
    Sadaharu Ibaraki (Vizard) Ashido
    Sadaharu has always been a rather handsome chap. His face seems to be chiselled to follow some sort of geometric law, leaving all of his features to stand out giving perfect symmetry. His deep, dark brown eyes sink deep into an eternal pit of darkness, which give away no secrets. Amongst the Human crowd, Sadaharu seems to stand out from the rest. His dark red hair and medium height leaves him a head taller then most. On a number of occasions, enemies sent to recover the location of the Vizard have been able to easily spot Sadaharu.

    Standing about 6 feet tall and having a broad, muscular, but lean build, most human women would say that Sadaharu is the very example of male beauty. His long, thick arms are covered with small scars from deflected sword blows, and Kido blasts. Along his back, running from his left shoulder to his right hip, is a thick, deep scar that, if had not been worked on by Retsu Unohana, would have left Sadaharu in a state unable to fight or even move. The scar seemed to pull the muscle and skin together, correcting his slightly bent posture, making him stand up straighter and no longer slouch, further making his muscular appearance emphasized.

    After defecting from Soul Society, Sadaharu was unable to abandon his traditional Shinigami robes. His ties to them were to strong to simply through away. Instead, he has them stored with his other belongings within the large abandoned building he now calls home, waiting for the need for him to don them once again. Instead, he has adopted the human's style of fashion, finding a nice pair of grey faded jeans, along with a thick leather belt and large shiny buckle resembling a Tsuba. To cover his torso, he "Acquired" a white silken shirt with faded black pin stripes running vertically from collar to hem. Around his neck hangs the small rune that Sadaharu took with him upon exiting Soul Society. When needed, Sadaharu is able to use the small rune to exit his Gigai to enter into his Shinigami state. Covering his long slender feet are white and black designer sneakers that came into Sadaharu's possession just the same as all of his other clothes.

    Overall, his physical appearance has been modified as time progressed to suit the human ideal. Trying his best to blend in with the rest of populous is what the Vizard has always aimed to do. One thing that he has not been able to adjust to is human footwear. Although he may wear the very latest and greatest designer shoes, they are, in his opinion, no where near as comfortable as the Shinigami's sandals. His normally graceful, light strides have been replaced with a sluggish, more deliberate style of walk that the human's have dubbed "Strutting". Although unintentional, Sadaharu's walk, style of dress, and mannerisms attract unwanted attention from human females.


    Sadaharu Ibaraki is your very own, spicy razza-ma-taz, Vizard firecracker. Sadaharu's battlefield expertise in formulating strategies makes him the perfect candidate to initiate the first attack. Although at some times, his personality can be a bit overpowering to be around for long periods of time, most around him slowly adjust. Absorbing the usually loud and happy character.

    The determination shown by Sadaharu in times of extreme danger is extraordinary to say the very least. The hospitality, care and friendship shown by others is something that a person like Sadaharu does not take lightly, being prepared to fight to the death to save the people he cares for. The usual happy, go-lucky persona fades away, leaving a fuelled fighting machine ready to challenge anyone and anything that stands between himself and his comrades, and their goal.

    On several occasions, Sadaharu’s attitude has gotten him into trouble. Although he is driven, one of his tendencies is to disappear and find a nice patch of grass or a roof top to lie on, and bask in the warm sun. His laziness and disregard for actual work is what really lets him down. His nagging conscience goes unheard and the lout is able to roam around care free. The occasional killing of a Hollow stupid enough to stray too close is always on the cards for someone like Sadaharu. But when home comes calling, he definitely is not one to ignore the word of his superiors.

    When not being spoken to, or interacting with anything, Sadaharu's mind wonders. Daydreaming takes over, making his face go blank, like a dazed, sleepy child that has stayed up for too long. A slack jawed dumb look creeps over his features. It is quite common place for people to say that he is one of the dumbest, intelligent people that some have ever met, which has been exclaimed with a large measure of frustration by many before.

    Since his hollowfication, there have been some minor changes to how Sadaharu thinks about his Hollow enemies. His opinion about Hollow's has always been different from most others. Ying and Yang occurs naturally in the universe. For there to be Shinigami, there must be Hollow, and vice versa. There was never any hate directed towards them. In his personal opinion, there is no good and no evil. There is balance that must be kept. He simply fights the Arrancar to maintain that balance. Any type of dislike aimed towards the Hollow kind has faded since his change in faction, his Exiling and his hollowfication.


    Zanpakto Name: Tategami

    Fighting Style: The thing that really sets Sadaharu Ibaraki apart is his quick wit and acrobatic fighting style. While fighting, He will not only try to out smart, over power and out match his opponent in speed, he will also try to his full ability to play on his opponents weaknesses and short comings. Making use of his trusty Wakizashi Zanpakuto, Sadaharu inflicts extremely fast swipes, jabs, stabs and slashes upon his target while displaying an array of high speed, acrobatic maneuvers.

    Initially when Sadaharu was first introduced to the Shinigami Academy, he had poor skills in Zanjutsu and Kido, but excelled in Hado and Hoho. The long swords given to him to train with felt awkward and unbalanced, inhibiting Sadaharu's natural talent for Hado and Hoho. Picking up a Wakizashi, one of the side weapons, Sadaharu was able to excide almost all others in his Zanjutsu skills. But was never any good at Kido. Further on, he was able to intergrate his high speed, swordsmanship and affinity for hand to hand combat to create a style that had never yet been seen before in Soul Society.

    Upon receiving his Zanpakuto, Sadaharu's skills proceded to further, mastering his ability to control his irregularly large amounts of Reiatsu. Eventually upon being accepted into his division, Sadaharu had finished his original fighting style. The style that would lead to his natural fighting ability. As his age grew, so did his power and tactionary skills. Eventually, Sadaharu was promoted to Fukutaicho and then to Taicho. For one hundred years, he studied battle strategies and when the time came for his Exile, the Captain had become a master taction and feared opponent. To say the least, the battle that ensued upon his Exile was more then your average bar fight.

    The thing that is really noticeable about Sadaharu is the versatility of his Zanpakuto, and his particular choice of martial arts. Because of the high speed, flexibility and battle smarts of Sadaharu, he makes a mean opponent against large numbers of mid power level enemies. The confusing, lucid acrobatic movements make it difficult to place an attack, while also allowing Sadaharu to unleash a flurry of attacks upon multiple enemies from differing positions and directions. But, when it really comes down to the line, Sadaharu is a one on one fighter.

    His real passion is to fight others of equal power or of a higher power. His usual aggressive, offensive style is replaced with a focus on playing on weaknesses and on counter attacks. He does not take on a defensive style, but a counter-offensive style. The mid-air acrobatics are replaced with more ground-based, low, swooping, spinning attacks. He uses the own enemies weight against him and tries to through off their centre of gravity. While doing his best to dodge the enemies attacks and avoid taking direct hits. And if things really do take a turn for the worst, Sadaharu always has his Garganta and Shunpo or Sonido to rely on for a speedy retreat.

    Unreleased Zanpakuto
    There aren't many short Zanpakuto users in the modern era. Most were either killed or have been lost in the reformation of Soul Society; mainly because most Shinigami prefer to use a long sword to put space between their opponents and themselves. One of these exceptions of course is Sadaharu Ibaraki. He is one of the only people to wield a single Wakizashi Zanpakuto; the small, light version of a Katana that is often used as a side arm. Where Sadaharu's Zanpakuto is different is in the fact that is heavier then normal and that blade is slightly wider from the back of the blade to the blade edge, making it like a small clever of sorts.

    The base of the handle is covered with an engraved, open mouthed lion’s head that looks as if it's delivering a violent roar. It does not protrude very far, but is still a very dominant feature of the Zanpakuto. The ornament that is placed in the handle is that of a paw imprint that is a dark yellow mustard colour. The handle its self is wrapped with golden yellow leather that criss-cross over the entire handle length of about 9 inches. The handle runs into the hilt which again is unique.

    The guard is a dark mustardy coloured metal like the paw imprint in the handle. The guard its self is in the shape of a rich, over lapping, messy lion's mane. The guard then continues and runs onto the deep blade which is of 18 inches in length. The blade is the normal steel colour and bears no abnormal markings. The sheath is made of wood and is covered with a thin layer of fine white leather, with thin golden straight lines that run mid way down the sheath in both directions. The small sword is strapped to Sadaharu's back via a yellow, silken rope, hanging the weapon in a Diagonal fashion running from his left shoulder to his right hip, following his scar.

    Element: Reiatsu
    Release Command: Nakigoe Isamashii, Tategami! (“Roar Valiantly! Tategami!”)
    Shikai Look:The first level of release for the Zanpakuto often gives an idea of what is yet to come. Shikai is the partial release of the soul of one's Zanpakuto, and as such is indeed a reflection of users fighting style. Sadaharu Ibaraki's Shikai is to the very least, unique.

    After uttering Tategami's release phrase, the air around Sadaharu ignites with a bright white-yellow light. Holding Tategami horizontally, in front of his body, pointing backwards out of his hand, the blade de-materializes. After a split second the light seems to condense around each of his wrists. Once the air as cleared of the light, the physical changes of Tategami become fully apparent. The blade has separated into two vambracers, with one blade protruding from the top of each. Each of the vambracers has a rough linen material underneath each, to protect from rubbing and to also cause a distraction. From each hangs one long ratty piece of yellow material that trails behind while striking, hoping to distract the eye of his opponents.

    The actual shape of the vambrace is that of a crudely carved lion's head. On both of the wrists, the opened mouthed, roaring valiant lions head protrudes. The colour of the metal used is a ruddy yellow-bronze shade that is not often seen. Starting with the lion's mane that flows around the head and around each of the wrists, to the well shaped face; it is obvious that these weapons resemble the spirit that resides within the Zanpakuto. The face of the lion is what really captivates onlookers and expresses the very beauty and power of Tategami.

    The blades that protrude out from the vambraces resemble tear drop like blades. They are about the same length as the sealed Zanpakuto blade, but are not modelled in the katana style. Each blade points forward with the direction of the hand, and appear to be about 20 inches in length, around about as long as the original unsealed Zanpakuto's blade length. The tear drop shape is slight but noticeable, following the edge of the blade, along the interior, is a small groove cut away to reduce the weight and allow for faster attacking manoeuvres. It also acts as a pooling area for Reiatsu before it is released during Sadaharu's abilities. The sharp edge could easily slice a man in two, with little effort involved at all.

    Fine steel craftsmanship like this is only possible through the creation of a Zanpakuto.

    Shikai Ability:
    Raion Tsumi (Lion's Claw): The basic ability created by Sadaharu in his time as a seated officer while serving in the Soul Society ranks. Reiatsu is built up along the entire edge of his Zanpakuto, giving a faint blue glow that seems to emanate from the metal like a small flame. After a sufficient amount of Reiatsu is gathered, it is released all at once upon hitting a target. The result is a directed small scale explosion of Reiatsu, capable of tearing tissue and causing moderate flesh wounds. Can be used with either one or both blades. If the attack is Unable to be used, the energy becomes volatile and has to be allowed to dissipate.

    Raion Sutoraiku (Lion Strike): Very similar to Raion Tsumi, this attack uses the same manner of Reiatsu based attack. Where this attack differs is that small interrupted bursts of Reiatsu is released upon multiple hits, each releasing bursts of Reiatsu with the aim of wearing down an opponents defence, or causing multiple, quick, powerful strikes. Most usually used in 3-5 hit combos in an acrobatic fashion. Energy is not released from the whole edge of the blade like Raion Tsumi, instead is released after the attack is landed, from the site of impact along the blade. Reiatsu is stored within the hollowed out part of the blades. If the attack is Unable to be used, the energy becomes volatile and has to be allowed to dissipate.

    Raion sokuryoku (Lion Speed): This is a charged version of Shunpo. By adding two extra steps into each movement, Sadaharu is able move at an extremely fast rate. By gathering Reiatsu around his body, he exerts it through his feet giving a small booster effect, making a small yellow jet-stream of energy flow out from behind him. This is a passive active ability that slowly draws energy from Sadaharu.

    Isamashii Otakebi (Valiant Roar): A short to mid ranged attack used for its knockback effect and deafening ability. Reiatsu is gathered in Sadaharu's chest and released all at once in a directed roar that is comparable to a sonic boom. It lasts for about 3 to 4 seconds and appears as a large rippling wave of air. Depending on the opponent, this attack can knock back an enemy quite a distance and even cause loss of hearing for a short moment. When used on an opponent considerably weaker to himself, this causes a 20 meter knock back and 3 post length loss of hearing. On an opponent weaker then him it causes a 15 meter knockback and 2 posts of deafness. On an opponent of similar strength it causes a 10 meter knockback and 1 post of deafness. On an opponent stronger then himself, it causes a 5 meter knockback and no loss of hearing. Has to hit the opponent to be effective, can be directed by moving the head but not steered specifically. Travels at the speed of sound. Travels in a cone shaped burst with a diameter of 1 meter within the first 5 meters of the attack. After 10 meters the diameter is 2 meters by 3/4 the prior effectiveness. At 15 meters all knockback effects are nullified and the ability to deafen an opponent is very weak.
    Bankai Name: Hokoritakai Raion (“Lordly Lion”)
    Bankai Look: Bankai, the second and ultimate release of one’s Zanpakuto. Each Bankai in its self is completely unique, and holds abilities that further each user’s power to its furthest limits. Sadaharu is one of the lucky few who have trained for the full ten years to achieve the strength to be able to control his powerful full release of his Zanpakuto, Tategami. Sadaharu's particular Bankai focuses around the use of his extreme speed and explosive abilities.

    Upon uttering the word "Bankai", immense power is radiated from Sadaharu. A dark yellow aura seems to swallow the air around him, until eventually clearing to reveal the further additions to Sadaharu Shikai. Starting from head to toe, Sadaharu's features seem to have taken on a very feline like presence. His nose is slightly flatter to his face, his eyes are larger and his pupils have been replaced with cat like slits. His hair has grown longer and is spread out around his face like a huge red mane. And his teeth have grown to be more cat like.

    His hands have become larger and his finger nails have grown into small, sharp claws. Following up his arms, thin, felt like hair has become visible, that is similar in colour to his thick mane of hair. These are the only real anatomical changes that Sadaharu appears to have received. Instead, his Zanpakuto's features have been amplified.

    The small vambraces that are produced upon Shikai release have been replaced by longer, more detailed versions of the original. Instead of covering just the wrist area, these vambraces cover most of Sadaharu's forearm, and sit on top of a fine, yellow material that is thin, strong and very comfortable. The same concept from the Shikai applies, but instead of long dangly scraps of material hanging out the sides, there are two long and well designed strips of material that hang from either end of the vambrace; at the top near the hand and at the bottom near the elbow.

    Even during the Shikai release, the vambraces were works of art. The lion's heads then looks extremely well crafted, but, in Bankai, they have been taken one step further. If they had any real colour on them, you would swear that each lion looks like it has been frozen in time. Every hair, wrinkle in the skin, tooth, gum, nose and whisker looks completely real. The only thing that is missing are the snarling eyes, which have been left out, instead there are small crevices that burrow deep into the metal. These life-like, snarling, metal lion's are what really captivates the eye of witnesses. This is quickly followed by large blades.

    When I say large, I mean LARGE. Each blade is almost twice the length of the Shikai released blades. The length from the vambrace to tip stretches about 150cm. And, just like the Shikai, these weapons follow the same tear-drop shape. But instead of a subtle shape, these blades that are about 30cm wide at there widest point, have a very prominent tear-drop shape. These mammoth things strike fear into the small number of enemies that have had the privilege to see them. The groove that follows along the edge of the interior of the blade has as well been modified. It seems to make a wave effect towards the middle where it dips slightly deeper then the rest of the sword. This acts to reduce the overall weight and provide a pool for the Reiatsu to form.
    Bankai Ability:
    Shishi Haretsu (Lion Burst): A mid ranged attack made of Reiatsu and spirit particles. Sadaharu gathers Reiatsu in each blade, until each is filled to its maximum capacity, and is then released with high force. Both weapons are brought down at the same time in the shape of an "X". As the attack travels a few meters, it gathers a tail of spirit particles that travel in its wake. The attack travels in a straight line and cannot be controlled or directed once released. When the attack hits it target, the Reiatsu cuts deeply into the opponent and is then followed by the high speed Spirit Particles that were behind it. Effectively causing medium ranged damage from the wave of Reiatsu and from the shrapnel like Particles. Travels at the same speed as Cero.

    Shishi Taibu Bakuha (Greater Lion Blast): The strongest attack in Sadaharu's arsenal. This is the ultimate version of Sadaharu's Raion Tsumi. Reiatsu is charged in one blade and is spiked with the dark energy from his Inner Hollow. The resulting attack unleashes a black and yellow fire like explosion upon contact with a target, causing a small area of devastation in a controlled blast facing away from Sadaharu. The attack effectively rips, cuts, shreds and tears everything within the area of effect, while causing severe Reiatsu inflicted burns. This attack is wearing and can only be used 3 times max while in Bankai before all of Sadaharu's energy runs out. If the attack is Unable to be used, the energy becomes volatile and has to be allowed to dissipate. Considering the extreme power of this attack, it needs to be used within a few moves for the attack to not either backfire or be less effective due to Reiatsu dissipation
    Zanpakuto Spirit Manifestation: The true form of Tategami resembles a mighty Lion that is often represented in folk stories as the grand, wise and powerful majestic beast. The lion resides in a wide open savannah, covered with a green and gold grassy plain with large shade bearing trees and small twiggy shrubs. The grass sways in the light breeze and the sun beats down heavily upon everything, making the shimmering mirage like waves of air rise from the ground, giving the entire area a shimmering, mirror like feel. I’m sure if you actually bothered to look, the ground would run into the horizon and off the edge of the Earth.

    Tategami is always found, posing very much like the Sphinx in Egypt, underneath the largest and oldest tree in the whole area. It wraps its self around and around and the branches grow up and out almost like the roots you'd expect to see running from its base. The large lion sits with its tail wrapped around its side. And, strangely enough, he’s not touched by a single fly. His massive paws are like medium sized boulders, adorned with claws two feet in length. His form is huge and muscular and is covered with a magnificent golden-white coat.

    The head of Tategami is surrounded with a mane that is much like a bushy golden wreath. The whole lion seems to shine and he gives off an air of knowledge and power. His eyes are massive yellow windows that peer down from the shear height of the massive head that is held atop his body. The mighty lion speaks with a deep and rumbling voice that shakes the world around him. Everything stops as he talks and your whole attention is held by him.

    On the number of occasions that Sadaharu has had an encounter with Tategami, this is the impression that we can gather: Tategami is unbelievably wise. He speaks with a sense of knowledge that is far beyond his years. The loud booming voice produced by the ferocious beast doesn't seem to form any words at all. It's just a deep, rumbling growl, purr, roar or hum. But because of the rich spiritual connection between the two, they seem to be able to communicate with a simple look, transverse through their thoughts so that there can be no secrets, and no misunderstandings. Tategami seems perfectly comfortable and at ease when he appears before Sadaharu. And when the time comes for the two to part, a nudge and a valiant roar is all it takes to force Sadaharu back into reality.

    Tategami is a constant reminder of the valiant and honourable side of Sadaharu.

    Mask Information

    Hollow Name: Naimenteki Yakunan
    Inner Hollow Manifestation: Naimenteki Yakunan, Sadaharu Ibarki’s inner hollow. The name was whispered in his ear at the moment at its birth within his soul. It literally translates to Inner Evil or Misfortune. His hollow stands for everything he fights against. His hollow is like a mirror image of himself in reverse colours. Its skin is pale, its eyes filled with hatred and malice. It’s Zanpakuto as dark as Raven’s feathers.

    Mask Ability:
    Description: High-powered energy blasts that can be fired from either the mouth or hand. Only Menos, Arrancar, and Vizard have so far been shown to use cero attacks, and it appears that stronger entities can use it more efficiently.

    Description: How Arrancar move to and from Hueco Mundo. It literally tears open the dimensional fabric separating the worlds, revealing a tunnel of whirling, torrential energy that must be focused and solidified to create a discernible pathway. When used, the technique opens the dimensional fabric like a door.

    Description: The Arrancar equivalent of the Shinigami flash steps; it allows the user to travel at incredibly high speeds for short distances. Use of sonido is punctuated by a brief static sound, in contrast to the "swish" sound used for flash steps.

    Hollow Mask Appearance:
    Sadaharu Ibaraki (Vizard) HollowMask
    Close to the way in which Tsubasa calls upon his Bankai, his Vizard Mask appears in a similar way. When being called upon, Tsubasa crosses his released blades across his face, with the flat of the blades touching, so that he is able to conceal his face ever so slightly. After a split second, the light around Tsubasa's head seems to be bent in towards the area being blocked off by his weapons.

    The bent light becomes dark and seems to emanate a yellow haze. It looks very similar to a black hole ripping a fabric in space. Once the mask is done forming, the air around it goes back to normal. And Tsubasa is able to move the blades away from his face once again.

    Duration Cooldown: 8 Posts Length, 11 Post Cooldown.

    Kido Type: N/A
    Number: N/A
    Effect: N/A
    Sadaharu Ibaraki
    Sadaharu Ibaraki

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    Post  Sadaharu Ibaraki on Sat May 29, 2010 4:54 pm

    A Family History
    For thousands upon thousands of years, Humans have been searching for the answer to death. Whether it be an afterlife, reincarnation, or a mixture of the two, there have always been and always will be people looking for the answer. Little did they know, that the signs of this afterlife were all around them, people that looked like you or I, walking among us who are far beyond our comprehension. Soul Society is the refuge for lost souls who have not been driven insane by their own death or eaten by monstrous beings more vile then most bear to mention. These entities, these souls that reside in Soul Society were not all human to begin with. Some are born of spirit. And this is the tail of one of these souls.

    Sadaharu Ibaraki was born into a small, tight knit family bound by the middle class areas of Seireitei. His mother worked in the tea fields for the nobles, the hierarchy of Soul Society. She worked her hands to the bones every day to provide money for their family to survive in the financial state they had worked so hard to create. His father, who had lost an arm, was unable to continue his profession as a Stone Mason, and instead stayed in their small modest house to clean, work and do business where he could see fit. Before Sadaharu, his father and mother had one other child; a girl by the name of Nina, whom was only at the tender age of when she was taken in an attack by Hollows.

    She had accompanied Sadaharu’s father to work one day, as she so often did, to help with taking water and food to those who seldom needed to eat. In Soul Society, only the people who have Spiritual Power called Reiatsu need to eat. Arriving at the site, Sadaharu’s father found his colleagues slaughtered and their blood and remnants of their clothing strewn across the bear earth. Turning to rush away with his daughter, the path from the small open cut quarry was blocked by a particularly large and nasty Hollow. With a single swipe from his power hands, he knocked Nina and her father twenty feet, until colliding heavily with a stone wall. Crawling to protect his daughter, Sadaharu’s father was unable to keep the hollow from taking Nina; tearing her away from him, tearing off his arm just below his shoulder in the process.

    Laying weak and falling into unconsciousness, the last thing Sadaharu’s father saw was a flailing black hakama and a long shiny blade. A Shinigami, the balance keepers of the mortal and spiritual plains, arrived just too late. Nina was devoured before the young Shinigami was able to destroy the Hollow, but was able to save her father’s life. The Shinigami took him as quickly as he could to Seireitei, taking him directly to the Forth Squads medical hospital. The damage to his arm was irreparable, but he was able to walk away with his life, and return to his family to deliver the news. This is the grim family history that would precede the bright, young Sadaharu Ibaraki

    Life of a Child
    From the day he was born, Sadaharu was a treasure to his parents. The loss of his other sibling had made things a lot clearer for his parents. They had learned to value things they had not before, and respect the unchanging laws of nature. Their approach towards their child was much more careful. Everyday, Sadaharu would accompany his mother to the Rice Fields to help with the packing and sorting of the large sacks of rice grains. In the afternoon he would return home to help his father with his small hobbies and activities that earned him a meagre wage. Whether it was repairing large sails, fishing nets or carving small blocks of wood into famous figures in Soul Society’s history with a whittling knife (It used to thoroughly amaze Sadaharu how he was able to carve such accurate representations of the people).

    When the day was over, they would sit as a family in front of the crudely shaped, stone fireplace and share stories and laugh. Day after day the same thing would take place. Until the day that Sadaharu met his very first Shinigami. The wide set man came to the house carrying a large bundle of black cloth tied together with a piece of rope. He came to the door and knocked heavily on it. Sadaharu’s mother rose first to welcome the visitor in. He had come to drop off material for his father to craft numerous Shinigami uniforms. That day, Sadaharu could not think of anything else but the respectable, powerful man that came to their small house. They had been graced with the presence of a being that had the responsibility to maintain peace and balance in the universe.

    For days, weeks, months, years afterwards, Sadaharu could only focus on one thing: the Shinigami that resided within the walls of Seireitei, those high white walls of stone that his father was responsible for mining before he sustained his injury. At every free moment he had, Sadaharu would find an open space and anything he could use as a sword, and pretend to be a Shinigami. Holding the stick high above his head and bringing it down in fast swooping swipes. He had shared his dreams of grandeur with his parents to only be met with doubt and the weary smile of a person who had heard such things many times before. Sadaharu wanted nothing more then to become one of those amazing people he had heard of in stories from his parents. After several years of growing, changing and hard work, something strange came over Sadaharu.

    After days of working with his mother in the rice fields, and then returning home to practice his mock fighting, he fell unconscious. His parents were fearful for his health; they had no idea what to do. In all the frantic rushing and worrying, some of the surrounding residents of the area came to their aid. One of whom was an old man of hundreds of years of wisdom. With nothing more then a simple glance at Sadaharu, it was clear what was wrong with him. He announced proudly to Sadaharu’s parents: “Your boy here, is starving.” They were stunned. They only knew of one reason why a person in Soul Society needed to eat. They would only eat if they contained Reiatsu. To Sadaharu’s parents they had no idea why. In their family history there was no trace of any Spiritual Power any where. After nursing Sadaharu back to health and feeding him meals of rice, stewed cabbage and beans, it was apparent that his hunger was growing; fast. The ferocious appetite that Sadaharu contained was uncontrollable, and the meagre wages that his family was able to pull in wasn’t enough to feed a starving young lad filled to the brim with Reiatsu. So their was only one coarse of action Sadaharu’s father could take.

    The Hardest Lessons
    When the next Shinigami came to drop off another assignment for Sadahru’s father, he took the man aside, and did his best to convince him to take Sadaharu back with him to the Gotei Thirteen Guard Squads. All the Shinigami could do was inform his father that the next induction examination for possible Shinigami was to be held in three weeks time. Until then, Sadaharu’s father was told to keep the boy well fed and looked after. So, for the next three weeks, Sadaharu was allowed to stay behind at home and help his father with his part time work, while his mother went to the fields. In between assisting his father, Sadaharu would go for long runs around the neighbourhood. This was his father’s way of making Sadaharu fit and healthy so that when it came time for him to sit the examination for the Shinigami Academy; he would be at peak possible fitness.

    But Sadaharu’s father was no fool. He knew that to be a Shinigami, you had to be strong and smart. Every night, he would sit by the fire side and devise impossible riddles and scenarios for Sadaharu to try and work out and formulate. By the time it took for the examinations to come about, Sadaharu was sure he was ready. The morning of tests, Sadaharu and his father woke early, packed Sadaharu’s belongings and set out to Seireitei, although his mother did not make leaving easy. It was a two kilometre walk to the gates of Seireitei. By the time they got there, there were only three other children and one parent with each. He knew the reason why they were there. They, like him, contained Reiatsu. Sadaharu wasn’t sure if there were a limited number of places to get into the Shinigami Academy, but he would NOT leave fate to decide whether or not he was accepted. He was prepared and ready to perform at his best. Nothing would stand in his way; nothing. As the Sun hit high noon, the gigantic stone gate slowly slid upwards, and the children bid farewell to their parents. Sadaharu’s father embraced him tightly with his remaining arm and wished him good luck, watching Sadaharu as he slipped inside the gate and disappeared as it slid shut again.

    A dark haired Shinigami led the small pack of children towards a small hut in the left side of Squad One’s court yard. As they marched together, they walked past several Shinigami practicing their Zanjutsu. They all stared with awe as the Shinigami executed their sword play. Arriving at the door, the children entered in single file and were instructed to sit on a grass woven mat in the centre of the room. A slightly older looking Shinigami Addressed the kids: “You all know why you’re here. You have been fortunate enough to be accepted to undergo the Shinigami Academy Trial. While you are here you will be tested on Wits, Strength, Reiatsu Control and Endurance. Based on this, you will be judged on whether or not you are suitable to join the ranks of the Shinigami Academy.” The man stopped talking and walked towards a low window, and pointed towards a roped off area in the very centre of the courtyard. Around it were several racks holding Bokken of various sizes and shapes, surrounding a circle that Sadaharu assumed was a fighting ring.

    “First off we will judge you on your Strength and Fighting Ability. Afterwards there will be an intermittent break with a small meal. Please proceed to the first exercise.” The younger Shinigami began ushering the group towards the ring. As they arrived, the Children were paired in reference to height, weight and gender. Sadaharu’s opponent was of almost identical height and weight. As they entered the ring and selected their weapon of choice, Sadaharu found the smallest Bokken he could. It was similar to the weathered branch he used to swing at home. As the sparring began, Sadaharu planted several small hits on his opponent before receiving a fist to the face and collapsing on the ground. At this point, the Shinigami stepped in and ended the match. Sadaharu placed his Bokken back all the while holding his nose and trying to hide his embarrassment. He just hoped the rest of the tests wouldn’t make him seem like such a fool.

    The Academy
    As the rest of the day rolled out, Sadaharu managed to avoid being beaten senseless, or failing miserably in the rest of his trials. As the Evening approached, the Shinigami lead the Children to a very large hall and were made to sit at the very front in designated seats, facing the rest of the hall. Sadaharu noticed that several of the kids that had entered Seireitei were no longer there. They were the ones that didn’t pass he assumed. The room became brighter as several of the wall torches were lit. The two doors at the very end of the hall creaked open and hundreds of students filled the hall, all of them in Red or Blue uniforms. Sadaharu could only think that this was a welcoming ceremony to the new students. A strong looking man stepped to the front of the hall and onto a small stage. He raised his hands and the whole room fell deadly silent. “Today, we welcome our new initiates to the Shinigami Academy. Lets make them all feel welcome.” A thunder of applause followed along with whistling and cheering.

    Several of the kids shifted in their places, they seemed to be both frightened and surprised by the hugely warm welcome, and the fact they were being examined by several hundred of their new classmates. One by one each new student had their names read out and stood up. After all ceremonies had been completed, everyone headed back to their quarters to rest up for the next morning. Sadaharu noticed one thing out of the corner of his eye the whole time. A girl with two long plats running down from each side of his head and joined together in front of her, kept staring right at him. As everyone departed, Sadaharu was shown the way to his room and given his belongings. He knew this would be the beginning of his long and illustrious Shinigami career.

    5 years had past by the time Sadaharu was ready to graduate from the Academy. His skills in Hakudo, Hado and Zanjutsu had become formidable and one of the highest grades in his year. The one thing he was unable to grasp was the many, intricate and delicate Kido that made Shinigami so powerful. The best he could do with his Kido was create a very inaccurate Byakurai and a fairly strong Thrust. The stronger, more complicated Kido that required incantations seemed to end up blowing up fairly prematurely in his face, and making him seem like a complete buffoon. Entering his final year of the Academy, Sadaharu had his spirits high and very hopeful of accomplishing his goal of entering the 2nd Squad. All the years of practice and hard work within the Academy were beginning to pay off. Sadaharu had become ten times faster, stronger and smarter then he had been when he first entered Seireitei.

    2nd Squad: Home of the Covert Ops
    Mid way through his final year, Sadaharu was approached by the 4th seat of the 2nd Squad, and asked to accompany him to the 2nd Squad Headquarters. Sadaharu quickly followed the 2nd Squad Member as he speedily made his way back to their barracks. Pointing up a set of stairs and giving Sadaharu some directions, the Shinigami made his leave. Sadaharu was left to find his way to the main meeting room of the 2nd Squad. Walking up a long hall, following the small signs painted on the walls, he soon arrived at a sliding door marked “2nd Squad Conference Room”. He kneeled on the floor and gently slid the door open and bowed low to the ground. “I’m Sadaharu Ibaraki. I was told that I was needed?” Looking up from his position he saw a young women with purple hair wearing an arm band marked “Lieutenant” and bowing down again addressed the man who was wearing a white Haori bearing the symbol of the 2nd Squad. The man rose from his seat and addressed Sadaharu in an informal manner. “No need for formalities Sadaharu. Come, sit. I have something to discuss with you.”

    The following conversation was something Sadaharu had never been expecting. The leaders of the 2nd Squad had asked Sadaharu to stay on in the Academy for an additional year to learn extra skills to join the ranks of the 2nd Squad and finish his training with them. At the end of this time he was guaranteed to receive his Zanpakuto. Of course, without a thought, Sadaharu accepted this offer very graciously. The Captain sent Sadaharu away after about 15 minutes of him continuously thanking him. As Sadaharu was pried away from his Haori, the Captain turned to the Young Yoruichi: “His skills in his fields are excellent, Shiohin. He is the sort of Shinigami we need in our squad. He may not be able to use Kido, but he’s fast.” The room Sadaharu was given wasn’t big, but it was more spacious then his room in the Academy and his bed was much more comfortable. He had a large wardrobe filled with Shinigami Robes that were exact fits for him. He wasn’t sure how it was so, he didn’t remember being measured for the last 5 years. He dismissed the thoughts and sat down on the edge of his bed. Looking under it he saw a large trunk. Opening it he found all of his possessions and a Katana. He assumed that it would be his weapon until he received his Zanpakuto.

    Rearranging everything to his liking, he lay his head gently on his pillow and dozed off, allowing the afternoon sun to stream through the window and warm him. He was quickly reawakened by a loud gong. He new what time it was: dinner!

    Over the next twelve months, Sadaharu was subjected to extremely difficult training and work. He could only assume it was for his role once he had fully graduated. But finally, the day came when he was to receive his Zanpakuto.

    Tategami; The Valiant Lion’s Mane
    Accompanying two strangely dressed Shinigami holding large pike like spears, Sadaharu approached the Central 46. The halls within their dwelling were dark and very misleading. Sadaharu found him self unable to retrace his steps once he stepped into the centre of the Central 46’s main chamber. The dark area illuminated, dazing Sadaharu for a moment. Regaining his vision, Sadaharu looked up to see the figures of 46 beings behind screens. A booming voice met his ears: “Ibaraki, Sadaharu: “You have been selected by the 2nd Squad to join their ranks before graduating from the Shinigami Academy. They believe you are a promising young individual. Do you know why you’re here?” Sadaharu straightened and became rigid. He was filled with both excitement and fear. He nodded in the direction of the voice. “Today, you will be receiving your Zanpakuto, the Shinigami’s tool of exorcism. A Zanpakuto is not just an implement of death. It is a shard of your soul. It is within its self, a being just like your self. For you to be able to rise to your full potential, you must learn your Zanpakuto’s name, be accepted by it, and work in full cooperation. Are you ready for such a tremendous responsibility?”

    Once again, Sadaharu nodded. The voice echoed once more and then everything went dark. “Very well.” Sadaharu stood for several seconds, waiting for something to happen. Staring blankly into the darkness, a small sparkle of light shimmered in the corner of his eye; then another, and another. Slowly the room began to swirl with silver and golden sparkles. When Sadaharu reached out, he felt a presence he had never experienced before. It was a mixture of pure energy, spiritual pressure and something familiar that he couldn’t put his finger on. From the mass of the swirling energy appeared the figure of a very large lion becoming visible for very brief moments at a time. Sadaharu walked forwards and raised his hand towards the large wall of energy. Placing his hand against it, he forced his way into it until he felt something touch his palm. Grasping tightly, he felt the hilt of a sword. As his grip tightened, a deafening blast of a lions roar blew him several feet backwards.

    Sitting back up, Sadaharu looked beside him to see a short, white sword with golden lines running up it. Standing up and drawing the blade from its sheath, Sadaharu felt the power that resided within it. Examining his Zanpakuto, he noticed the distinct lion’s head on the butt of the handle. A voice broke the silence “Sadaharu, take your Zanpakuto and serve the Gotei 13 well.” Gripping his Zanpakuto to his chest, Sadaharu quickly vacated the building with the help of the guards.

    A Shinigami is Born
    Sadaharu had quickly progressed through the ranks of the 2nd Squad. His name had become more and more known through out the Gotei 13. His roles within the 2nd Squad had changed numerous times during the next 200 years; changing from a member of the Detention Unit to the Patrol Corps. As his age increased, so did his skill with his Zanpakuto; slowly but surely, Sadaharu learnt of its name and earned its trust. By the time he had been a Shinigami for 250 years, within this time Sadaharu had risen to the 5th seat within the 2nd Squad and witnessed the changing of his Squads Captain. He had been chosen for missions to scout the Human Word for evidence of growing hollow threats and also been assigned person recovery missions. His skill in Shunpo had aided him in the ability to quickly track down, attack and remove threats in the field without uncovering his position.

    The trust that had been bestowed upon him by his superiors had given Sadaharu the chance so display his ability to execute orders to the best of his ability. Because of this, he had caught the eye of the Captain Commander and even the some of the feudal lords within Seireitei. In time, Sadaharu would be approached by the 1st Division’s Vice Captain to be taken directly to the Captain Commander.

    Shuffling slowly behind the Lieutenant, Sadaharu began to fiddle with the hilt of his Zanpakuto. His arm looked strangely contorted as he stroked the butt of Tategami. His Zanpakuto could feel the nervousness that had welled within Sadaharu, and was trying to release a feeling of calm within him. The Lieutenant nodded towards a large sliding door, and Sadaharu careful took off his sandles. He kneeled before the door in the usual fashion and bowed low before announcing his arrival. The door slid open and the face of Yoruichi, his captain, greeted him. Without wasting a moment, she roughly said “Get up Sadaharu, we have much to discuss with you. Take a spot.” Without wasting any time, Sadaharu quickly walked to the two lines of the captains and took the spot opposite Yoruichi. Sadaharu’s nervousness was suddenly interrupted by a loud clunk on the floor made by the Captain Commander’s large wooden walking stick. “Ibaraki Sadaharu, you have been summoned here today to discuss the situation of the empty position of the 7th Squad Captain. You have been monitored by your Captain and our resources for the last 50 years, and we have come to the conclusion that you would be suitable for this role. You are too meet with your Captain at the 1st Squad barracks tomorrow morning to sit the Captains Examination.” The 1st Squad Captain finished his small explanation with another loud clunk of his stick.

    Sadaharu could only assume that he had no choice in the matter and stood there dumbfounded. The other captains stealthily looked over the 5th seat with a critic’s eye, assessing his features. Following the lead of the other captains, Sadaharu exited the meeting. The next few hours for Sadaharu were full of a rainbow of emotions. Firstly it went from shock, to being confused, to fear and finally to a state of glee and accomplishment. A pit would continuously open and close within his stomach as he thought about the possibility to failure and success. He would be the leader of a Squad. The 6th Squad! The Squad that was in charge of watching over and protecting the Human World along side the 8th Squad. Not only this, but he would also look after those who had been arrested and deal with delivering the correct punishment. It was a big job, but he was certain he could do it. Slowly his thoughts became slower and without realising, Sadaharu slipped into his dreams. Ones full of grandeur and responsibility.

    Sadaharu Ibaraki, Captain of the 7th Squad
    The sun had begun to rise, and the sleeping, dribbling Sadaharu Ibaraki was woken abruptly by a messenger sent to his room. Standing up quickly, sliding the chair he had fallen asleep in across his room, Sadaharu fixed his hair and sprinted out of the 2nd Squad. Like a bat out of hell, he leaped from street to street to reach the 1st Squad Barracks. Sure enough, Yoruichi was standing there tapping her foot in impatience. Bowing in apology, the two briskly entered the office buildings and arrived at their destination. Entering a very high ceilinged room, the two walked to the front where Yamamoto Taichou and Kyouraku Taichou were both standing. After being greeted by the two, Sadaharu was informed of the procedures involved in the testing process.

    Now what progressed from here on is of the highest secret, and is not allowed to be publically known. But sure enough, it has to be said that the Captains Examination is a very gruelling and difficult test. It not only tested the persons strength, knowledge, personality and intelligence, it also tested their loyalty and how trustworthy the individual is. Many hours progressed until the testing had finished. Sadaharu promptly collapsed to the ground in utter exhaustion and nursed his injuries. Sadaharu was certain the fact that he did not have his Bankai would effect his chances to become a captain but was unsure if it completely ruled him out of the position. The Yamamoto and Kyouraku both exited to discuss Sadaharu’s results and were told to stay within the room. Yoruichi had sent a Butterfly to Retsu Unohana to ask for her to come to the room to heal Sadaharu’s injuries. Within a few minutes, Unohana had arrived and began to work on Sadaharu. The Captain very gently touched Sadaharu’s sprains, bruises and cuts and slowly healed them. The whole time, she did not make eye contact with Sadaharu but smiled nervously. Examining her face, he noticed that she was a little flushed. He came to the conclusion that she must have run here to heal him.

    Finishing the job, Unohana Taichou stood up and bowed to the two and left the room without a word. Yoruichi turned to Sadaharu and grinned widely. “What?” Sadaharu asked, and was answered by only a loud laugh. Shaking his slight confusion, he sat up and crossed his legs, waiting for the other Captains to return. Soon enough, Yamamoto entered the room, leaving the door open. He stood at the front of the room holding his stick in front of him with both his hands. Within the next few minutes, the rest of the Captains entered the room and took their correct spots in the two rows. Once everyone had stopped moving, The Captain Commander addressed them all. “Ibaraki Sadaharu has completed his Captains Examination. Upon discussion with Kyouraku-san, we have come to the verdict that Ibaraki Sadaharu is to take up the position as 7th Squad Captain immediately.” Slamming his stick on the ground, all of the captains turned to congratulate Sadaharu on his success. After a few explanations of his duties and a small briefing on current news, everyone was dismissed.

    Sadaharu slowly walked to the 7th Squad Barracks where all of his new subordinates had assembled. Lining all of the paths through the 7th squad, Shinigami hurriedly ran to greet and welcome their new Captain. By the time Sadaharu had reached his office and living quarters, the whole division had grouped behind him and were waiting eagerly for a some sort of speech. Stepping up onto the veranda of his building, he turned to face the waiting crowd. He raised one hand and they all fell quiet. “Today, the 7th Division will change…” A murmur spread through the Shinigami and a great number of faces began to frown. “A change, for the better! Starting tomorrow, a new, stronger, smarter 7th Division will emerge within Soul Society. But for now, celebrate and be merry.” Cheers erupted and Sadaharu turned and made for his room to rest.

    An Exile’s Last Chance
    In the human world, Sadaharu had always been interested by the celebration of years since the birth an individual. It had always reminded him of how little their lifespan was, and how few years remained until they would either fade away into nothingness, be raised to Soul Society, or eaten by a hollow. On the 800th year of Sadaharu’s birth within Soul Society, a new breeze was stirring troubles within the walls of Seireitei; a wind that was destined to bring change; to bring destruction.

    Over several hundred years, it had been Sadaharu’s duty to organise his division to scout, patrol and protect the human world. Over the time, vice-captains have come and go. Been promoted, demoted, killed or raised to higher positions. It seemed that no matter how hard he tried to hold onto new subordinates, there was always something to take them away from him. It had been 3 years since his last Fuku Taichou had been mortally wounded while driving back a particularly large force of Menos Grande forcing their way into the mortal town of Karakura; a small Japanese town that had an unusually concentrated number of individuals with spiritual awareness. It was the age of change for the humans as well by this time. Numbers of western civilisations were beginning to become aware of their Asian neighbours. Just one of a number of things for Sadaharu Ibaraki to monitor and be aware of. Balance had to be maintained, no matter what.

    Sitting impatiently behind his desk, tapping the end of writing brush on the back of his hand, Sadaharu rose. He was sick and tired of being trapped in this room doing paperwork. He needed to feed his mind. Strapping his sword to the middle of his back, Sadaharu made his way towards the humongous library the Shinigami cherished so much. Sadaharu had managed to broaden his knowledge of the history of the Shinigami, Hollow, Quincy and humans by reading countless numbers of books that all seemed to slowly go missing when he went back to look for them again. He was certain that somebody was trying to remove certain things from the existence of Shinigami history; things that the Gotei 13 would be ashamed to be known by modern Shinigami. Walking between the musty smelling stands of books, Sadaharu walked deeper and deeper into the dark depths of the library that was often deserted except for a small number of attendants that seemed to vanish as quickly as they were seen. Stopping by a window, Sadaharu surveyed the sprawling buildings of Seireitei. Pushing off from the wall, Sadaharu made to find a book.

    Sweeping from row to row, hunting for something to sink his mind into, Sadaharu slowed as he walked by one row of shelves that seemed to have fallen almost into disrepair. Many of the books on the slanting, creaking shelves had had their names worn off from the covers and spines of the books from use and the shear age of them. Once beautifully maintained covered were coated in dust and any gold inlay had flaked off and disappeared. Stopping before one dark red covered book that still had the ghost of a title on its spine, Sadaharu leaned closer, his nose always touching the bookshelf. “Experimental Data and Research.” Sadaharu mouthed the title as he struggled to make it out. The book had to be several times older then he was. Gingerly sliding the book off of the shelf, he made for a table by a window to begin reading.

    One of the attendant brushed passed and scuttle away almost running flat out at seeing Sadaharu holding the book. Paying no mind to the strange librarian, Sadaharu opened the book and began to read. Looking at the index, Sadaharu’s eyes began to bulge as each chapter had a stranger topic then the next. “Chapter 3: Hollow; Friend of Foe” Flicking quickly to this page, Sadaharu found that this chapter related to the existence of intelligent hollow. “Chapter 8: Shinigami and Hollow; Evolutionary similarities.” This Sadaharu was certain would be the strangest of all. Slowly reading through this chapter was a struggle. Apparently the author of this book had conducted research to find that the energy that created a Shinigami or Hollow was extremely similar, and in some cases, there was extreme overlap. Segments of spiritual form that were exactly the same. When Sadaharu reached the final chapter in the book, he was certain that this author’s ramblings could not become any stranger. “Chapter 12: Division Zero and the King” Reading just the first few pages of this chapter made Sadaharu snap the book shut with a loud clap. He had to show this to the Captain Commander.

    Rising quickly from his seat, Sadaharu began to make for the exit of the library. If anyone was to lay their hands on this book, they very well may be able to enter the Spirit King’s domain and over throw him. Standing in the gloom ahead of Sadaharu was a dark figure of a man he had not sensed before now. Stopping, Sadaharu’s hand instinctively reached behind his back to grasp Tategami. Hugging the book to his chest, he spoke “Sosuke Aizen, Come out of the shadows and tell me right now why you’re trying to shield yourself from me.”

    All that there was for a reply was a chuckle and a extremely minute burst of Reiatsu that came from behind Sadaharu. He had barely a fraction of a second to step aside before a several meter long gash appeared in the floor and wall where Sadaharu had been standing. Complete surprise seemed to appear on the face of Aizen as he took a few steps toward Sadaharu. Surely that had not been Aizen. Again, barely noticeable, a burst of Reiatsu came from behind Sadaharu as Sosuke was drawing his Zanpakuto. This time, it was too small and too fast for Sadaharu to react to. Seeming to come in from an angle, pain exploded through Sadaharu as nothingness seemed to rench through his flesh, very narrowly missing his Spinal Cord.

    “The book if you please Sadaharu Taichou” Aizen spoke with a self assured smile. Squatting slightly to stop himself from falling over, his entire being irradiating with nausea and pain, Sadaharu had to force himself from standing to hand over the book to Aizen. There was something in his voice and his movements that made him want to serve him.

    “No… You will not take this book from me.” Was all Sadaharu said as he drew his Zanpakuto and straightened to defend himself. Again the self assured chuckle came, and a huge kido blast that could have quit easily killed Sadaharu roared through the spot he had been standing. There was something about Aizen that set him apart from all other Shinigami. His powers were not normal. When he had been made a Fuku Taichou, Aizen had made a display, showing the strength of his Water Based Zanpakuto. This was not what he had read about. This was not the power he was described to have.

    Using Shunpo to move about the room, Sadaharu waited for the kido blast to blow out through the wall before making a move outside. He had to get this book to the Captain Comander if it cost him his life. Moving as fast as he could, something dawned on Sadaharu: That kido blast was not your regular everyday low level technique. It was a combination of Shakkaho and Sokatsui, a technique that would require even a Captain to fully incant. “Nakigoe Isamashii, Tategami...” Sadaharu muttered as his Shikai was released. He needed the extra speed to make it to the 1st Division. He was in no way capable of defeating Aizen after he had surprised him like he had. This gash in his back would stop him from being able to fight to his fullest ability.

    Without worrying about formality, Sadaharu burst through the door of the 1st Squad barracks and made straight for the Commander’s office, pushing through the throng of people waiting outside. Odd how there were so many people waiting there. Coming through the door, Sadaharu stopped, skidding across the floor to be utterly surprised by who was in the room. Aizen was standing before the Captain Commander holding a large dark red covered book. The same book that he was certain he had still in his arms. The very book he was to show the Commander and give up to be protected from Aizen.

    Turning defensively, Aizen hugged the book to his chest as the Commander roared “Surround the traitor!” Complete shock stopped Sadaharu from moving momentarily. Coming to his wits, he looked down to see the book no longer in his arms, and his Zanpakuto covered in blood. The gash in his back no longer there. Ginrei Kuchiki stopped out from the corner of the room, unseen. Raising once finger he mouthed the word Sadaharu was sure he had used countless times. Turning to make move to run for his life, Two more figures appeared, and joining in with them, Aizen placed the book on Captain Yamamoto’s desk and rounded on him also. All four raising a finger and uttered the word all at the same time. Byakurai.

    Words to describe how it felt to have four kido burst through the same point in your body all at the same are not exactly the easiest things to come by. Staggering backwards, Sadaharu had nothing else to do but run. Using his Shunpo, he made for the only way out of Soul Society that would give him any sort of chance for survival. He had to make for a Senkai gate and leave Soul Society. Re-sealing his Zanpakuto and slipping it into its sheath, Sadaharu beat numerous 2nd Division Shinigami unconscious as he flashed from spot to spot. Knowing that if he stopped just once, every captain of the Gotei 13 would have surrounded him. Not waiting for anyone to interrupt his passage into the Senkai Gate, Sadaharu raised on hand, channelling all the strength he could into one kido, he shouted, no screamed Sho as hard as he could. The impacted puncturing a hole large enough for Sadaharu to dive through in the now looming Gate.

    Going through head first, he ran and ran and ran, the hole in his chest not seeming to bother him. Yamamoto could make the Senkai Gate clense its self, sending a cleaner to destroy all things that were still in the passage between Soul Society and the human world. Drawing nearer and nearer to a light at the end of the tunnel, something made Sadaharu turn around. Aizen was standing not 10 paces behind him. Slowing down and stopping, Sadaharu turned to face him, right on the verge of the Human World. Spreading his legs, Sadaharu readied himself to fight Aizen. Looking down, shock spread through him. His chest no longer held a hole.

    “Thank you Sadaharu Taichou. You’ve been helpful in finding this for me.” The red bound book lying in his arms. Rage in its purest form bubbled through Sadaharu. This man in front of him had destroyed all that he had become He felt like a blizzard and a volcanic eruption were warring inside him. I am going to destroy him for what he has done!. Sadaharu knew now what he wanted the book for. That book held many secrets that an intelligent person could twist to their advantage. “Don’t worry about Yamamoto, he’s tied tightly to my strings. He won’t come after you. By the way, that cut in your back looks nasty. Same with that big hole in your chest.” Again he chuckled and Sadaharu felt a hot wetness all along the length of his back and front. He knew without even having to check that the gash that had seemingly disappeared had was back, along with the considerable hole. Feeling his strength waver, Sadaharu slipped into the grasps of death. Falling backwards through the Senkai Gate, Sadaharu Ibaraki died.

    Sadaharu’s inner world had grown dark. A cold darkness descended that had taken away the warmth from the place. A half twilight almost like a land trapped in solar eclipse. Walking through the long grass Sadaharu was soaked in his own blood. Looking down, he touched the open hole through his chest. It was in the exact spot where a soul had their Spirit Chain attached and where Hollows had the hole in their chest. The thought made him shiver. Strangely, the hole seemed to heal over the sides and the gash in his back almost completely repaired. Reaching around he felt the scarred tissue.

    A rustling in the waist high grass made Sadaharu spin about. Staring straight into his eyes was a mirror image of himself. Everything exactly the same except for all of the copy’s colours being black and white and pale. It grinned, though the smile never reached its eyes. There was a crack of lightning, and a rumbling of thunder. As lightning flashed, the figure seemed to change. Flickering with each flash of light between a tall, serpentine like Hollow with dark green, spiky, elongated features and the inverted Sadaharu. The eyes behind the bone white mask were completely merciless and cold. “What… are you?” Sadaharu uttered with a loss for words. The inverted Sadaharu moved out of the brush to get a closer look at Sadaharu. It circled him slowly, holding an exact copy of Tategami, but pure black.

    Finally, after doing a full rotation, it spoke. “You’re weaker then I thought, Shinigami.” It reached behind its back and drew the black Tategami.

    Sadaharu Reached behind him, brushing against his Captain’s Hiaori. Tategami was gone. Again the thing spoke. “Looking for this?” He twisted the black Tategami in his hands. “Tategami is mine now. And when you’re dead, I’ll take over your body and wreak havoc on this earth. My reign of chaos will be everlasting.” The darkness in Sadaharu’s inner world seemed to intensify.

    “Tategami!” Sadaharu called. He turned quickly on the spot, kicking up dust as he did. “Tategami!!” The faintest echo of a roar echoed to him. “TATEGAMI!!!” Sadaharu roared as loudly as his Zanpakuto spirit. The huge lion seemed to appear out of a crack in the reality of Sadaharu’s inner world.

    “We have been invaded Sadaharu-chan.” Tategami rumbled in the regular base tone. The gigantic span of its paws digging into the dirt as cracks appeared in the soil where foot long claws sunk down. Nodding slightly, Tategami said “It is a Hollow. I don’t know how it got here, but if you don’t get rid of it, we end.”

    “Ahh so the kitty-cat knows what I am? Well, I’ll have you know that I managed to slip in here the very second that you were created. You honestly think that the big and noble lion would have nothing to balance him out?” The Hollow grinned, and this time it did reach its eyes. “Six hundred years I’ve been waiting for you to screw up,” He pointed at Sadaharu. “and finally I have my chance to ride on the horse. Don’t bother to thank me for healing your body by the way. I needed my ride to be in tip-top shape.” As he said this, he used Shunpo, or what Sadaharu thought was Shunpo, and disappeared from sight, dancing around the landscape.

    “Use me Sadaharu. Restore us.” Tategami rumbled and disappeared into a brilliant shower of golden sparkles. Sadaharu’s Zanpakuto floated waiting to be used.

    Grasping the hilt firmly, Sadaharu drew the blade and uttered the words he had been waiting to since the very day he had become a captain. “Ban-Kai.”

    Outside of his mind, a great white cacoon had grown to envelop Sadaharu’s body. Inside, his body thrashed as a white casing slowly spread and retreated over Sadaharu’s skin. A huge puddle had formed around the perfectly camouflaged cacoon. The great glazier where Sadaharu had come out of the Senkai Gate was melting slowly and refreezing as the sub-zero winds fought to keep everything at its temperature.

    Over and over steel rang on steel. The hollow using its full strength, combating Sadaharu using his; the hollow’s version of Bankai versus Sadaharu’s. Finally came the time where steel ground against steel. Both combatants locked in a final battle of wills and strength. If either budged an inch, blade would meet throat and all would end. The hollow, bearing teeth, scowled and practically spat as he spoke. “You will not beat me Shinigami. You will not win.”

    Sadaharu’s muscles ached. An unmeasurable amount of time had passed since their fight began, and Sadaharu was nearing the end of his rope. “Pfft. Hollow, you are in my domain. This is my world; my mind.” Sadaharu’s very soul quaked with the effort as he dug to the bottom of his resolve. Yellow light danced around his skin and his eyes glowed. Lightning cracked overhead and again the Hollow’s form flickered. The bone white Hollow’s face leaned as close as it could.

    “Die Shinigami!” It roared and made a final push. Sadaharu released as much of the Reiatsu as he could through Tategami. Zanpakuto spirit and Shinigami alike roaring with determination and effort. Blades slipped and steel found flesh; Sadaharu and the Hollow moved several paces past each other. Turning about, Sadaharu looked at the Hollow.

    “Ha. Extraordinary. Remember Naimenteki Yakunan; remember my name. You may have mastered me for now, but slip and I’ll be there to drag you down.” From the slash through the hollow, its body slowly flaked away into spiritual particles. The light returned to Sadaharu’s inner world and a breeze blew through. Lightning forked for a final time, revealing the hollow once more. Thrusting his Zanpakuto into the ground, Sadaharu stepped back. Tategami materialised and looked deeply into Sadaharu’s eyes.

    “You can feel him. Sitting, waiting. But contained.” Moving closer, the huge lion crouched. “It’s time to wake up.” He leaned forwards and pushed Sadaharu in the chest, right where the hole used to be. Stumbling backwards, Sadaharu shot a questioning look at the lion. Again it leaned forwards and shoved Sadaharu. “Wake up!”

    Eyelids flew open and muscles stiffened. Sadaharu was lying on thick ice, surrounded by a dome like cacoon of a white substance. Moving his hand to touch it, it instantly crumbled away. Poking his head out of the rubble of the remains, he surveyed the icy domain. Standing and brushing himself off, he began to move. “He said he came to be because I needed balance..” Sadharu thought aloud with a scowl on his face. Brushing thick red hair from his face, he flashed away. “I will give him balance.”

    From this point onwards, Sadaharu would devote his life to maintaining the nature order of the universe. For there to be evil there must be good. Each must be equally weighted. No matter what happened, there must be yin and yang; there must be balance.
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    Very detailed. I see that you made sure to limit your attacks as far as damage a bit. You covered everything in Personality, History, and your descriptions so.

    1/2 Approved.

    Now only one more.
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    Approved, nicely written and hope to see you RPing soon, have a nice day.

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