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    A new perspective of, 'home'(Open)

    Kuraiyami Hana
    Kuraiyami Hana

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    A new perspective of, 'home'(Open) Empty A new perspective of, 'home'(Open)

    Post  Kuraiyami Hana on Sat Jun 05, 2010 5:54 am

    Kurai sighed gently adjusting the necklase that hung over her neck, hiding most of her relatsu. She was beging to feel abit bored, & did not think that she should call the world of the liveing her 'home' anymore. She needed something to do, & was about to go crazy if she didn't find anything to do. At the moment she was reading a small black book & stood atop of a building in Karakura town. Shutting the book she closed her eyes before flash stepping into a long & deep ally. Once there she listened & felt to see if anyone was around her, & senced no one. Opening her eyes she put her hand atop of her head & soon pulled it down createing a vizard mask. Even with this energy, the necklase hid all of it. It was as if she was not even there. Looking in front of herself a small rip in the air forumed, & soon grew larger almost haveing the sound effect of a zipper. She soon jumped inside it & found herself in Hueco Mundo. Turning around slightly she watched as the Gardina shut & soon looked forward just as the mask began crippleing off. For some odd reason, she felt more at home here, than she did in the world of the liveing. As she stood & looked forward with her eyes shut studying the area's spiritual pressure level the mask completly turned into nothingness, & she looked only like a shinigami. But at the time there was something in her eyes that went agenst that completely. Taking the small book from one hand she opened it, & began reading from it again, not minding if she was to run into any arrancar or hollow. Just wanting to absorb as much of this area as she could before she would end up back in the world of the liveing before anyone would notice that she was missing.

    Sighing gently, getting tired of her book she dug in her shinigami outfit & pulled out a small black mp3 with black earphones connected. Lightly tugging on the earphones she stuffed them in her ears before turning the mp3 onto some soft Violin music. Afterwards she continued reading her book completely ignoreing everything around her.

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