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    Post  Kaji Mikoto on Fri May 14, 2010 9:09 am


    General Information
    Visual Age:
    Number:(numbers 0-10 are reserved for espada and any number above 99 is reserved for privarion espada)
    Appearance:(be descriptive)
    Inate ability:(a unique passive ability, like neliels cero double)
    Aspect of death:(espada only)

    Resurrection name:
    Resurrection Command:
    Resurrection Looks:
    Elemental family:(fire,water, earth, air, etc.)
    Resurrection ability(ies):(regualr arrancar can have one,privarion get two, and espada get three)
    Second ressurection:(only high level espada can have this, like 0-4)
    Second ressurection looks:
    Second ressurection ability:(only one)

    Personality and backround
    Personality:(Please be detailed I'd like at least a paragraph)
    Backround:(once again be detailed at least 2 paragraphs
    Role-play Sample:(used to determine if your worthy of espada rank)

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