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    Genesis(Done) Empty Genesis(Done)

    Post  Genesis on Sat May 15, 2010 9:26 am

    General Information
    Name:Genesis Alric
    Visual Age:19-21
    Appearance:Genesis(Done) E597579017dff0_full
    Clothing:Genesis(Done) 5341293374938b39408a5b

    Personality:Genesis is a stubborn, short-tempered, occasionally confrontational, spontaneous, determined, outspoken, strong-willed, impulsive young man. Despite being a smart ass, he is shown to be genuinely compassionate and empathetic about others.He normally is very immature at some points,acting very childish and is very impatient.

    Backround:Following Genesis' birth, unique experiments began in the secret department beneath the Soul Society,Underground. He was a childhood friend of Yoruichi Shihoin, and product of Project G.Genesis grew up together in Karakura Town and became part of Mayuri's super solider program,where he was experimented on for 200 years until he was 'perfect'.

    At one point in his life,Genesis shows a remarkable change in appearance. During the final stage, Genesis' genome was seeded with some type of perfect DNA by Mayuri, in an attempt to create the ultimate lifeform. The attempt was a failure: he had the ability to create clones but not to incorporate others into him. After being labeled a failure, custody over him was given to the landlord of Yoruichi who was allied with the s.s.
    Genesis in combat.

    Genesis decided to join S.S. because he craved for the respect that a soul reaper had. At one time Genesis,Souinji and Yushikima were allies in S.S.'s special unit of super soldiers. Their relationship was a complex one. Genesis, being extremely jealous of Souinji's fame was often prone to losing control; however, all he wanted to become was a hero.

    During a hologram training exercise between Genesis and Souinji, Yusukima accidentally wounded the former while trying to stop the match, which had become a duel to the death. Genesis assured the two it was a minor wound, but the wound began to get worse rather than heal. This was the start of a long degradation that would slowly degrade Genesis during the next seven centuries until he was healed by the "goddess" after having absorbed Lifestream into his body.
    Unable to accept that he was both inhuman and a failure, Genesis set out to accomplish the goals of a monster, which are, according to Yushikima, "Revenge and world domination".

    Soon after Genesis was wounded by Yushikima, he was taken to be treated by Mayuri again. While being treated, he learned about his birth and the secrets of his body, and seeking to remedy his degradation, allied himself with Yoshihoin.

    Only a few months after Genesis learned about his origins, he suddenly disappeared with Yoshihoin.During this period of absence, Genesis thought of creating an army of Genesis Clones,soon Yoshihoin found out about this and attempted to destroy Genesis' lab and his experiments and she succeeded,nearly killing Genesis,but he lived and swore that he would continue his research and soon one day extract his revenge.

    He soon returned to the S.S. and was apointed captain of the 11th division and everything went well from there but Genesis still wants to kill Yoshihoin.
    Role-play Sample:(used to determine if your worthy of captain rank)


    Zanpactou Name:Rapier
    Zanpactou Look:Genesis(Done) 1548511
    Command Phases:Crash Rapier
    Shikai Appearence:The appearance doesn't change it remains the same in color and length.

    Shikai Ability:Due to being a compressed zanpakuto, when Genesis enters Shikai his strength is increased slightly and his speed is increased drastically.Raiper mean angel of darkness,falling angel,but know to many as the grim reaper,uses all black lighting attacks(Hints,the Kuroi Raiton wall)The swords ability is to create and manipulate a dark lighting. It looks like a black lighting surrounds the blade By manipulating his spiritual pressure, Genesis is able to alter the size, strength, speed and shape of his attacks.

    Bankai Appearence:Raiper becomes all red and thee skies,look to be red but that's just his S.P. changing the atmospheric construction.Genesis also grows wings which allows him to fly,his hair becomes all black his skin very pale almost white,and his face resembles that of the Grim Reaper himself.The blade becomes all red and Genesis's speed and strength is increased by at least 5%

    Bankai Ability:This blade increases Genesis's Rei in take allowing him to use the attack in a wider range,and trap more than ten people.

    Kido Type:Hadou
    Effect:Kuroi Raiton Wall
    Description:This technique lets the user create a three-sided wall of electricity to bind their opponent. The user must have three conductors to stick in the ground to create the points. Furthermore, once the enemy is inside, if they come into contact with the wall they will be electrocuted. The only way the attack can be broken is if an outside party were to strike one of the walls with a strong enough attack, which will then deactivate the other walls.

    Role-play Sample:Analyzing the blades known as Insanity Impact that were raining from the sky, Genesis would recreate its binary structure, and fire up a barrage lighting with the same ability known as depletion.Genesis couldn't copy what was on a tainted soul, but he was familiar with all types of magic, allowing him to coop with the situation quite easily. As the insanity impacts cancelled each other out,he would notice the build up of energy on the ground, figuring for this energy to release itself rapidly to create an explosion. With that in mind,he would dash and digitally warp out of the way of each explosion. Finally, this mechnical entity appeared before him. In his expansive memory,he noticed what this being was, but not exactly who.-
    "A God."
    -He said calmly as he held out his hand. Suddenly, a radiant burst of power occurred in his hand, and when the light subsided, his blade, Raiper, was gripped in his hands. It began to give off a radiant shine, a shine that could not be devoured.
    "I never saw a God before..."
    -He gave one mighty swing of the blade, creating a shockwave embued with the power of the Raiper, instantly negating all of the ceros and nullifying them. It may be the strongest magic, but because it was still that of the supernatural like magic is, His shikai weapon would destroy it all the same. This shockwave continued towards the sky, negating the insanity impacts and continuing towards his opponent. Even the God wouldn't leave unscathed against Raiper. As Genesis adaption field continued to spread across the field.

    Last edited by Genesis on Mon May 17, 2010 4:20 pm; edited 2 times in total
    Kaji Mikoto
    Kaji Mikoto

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    Genesis(Done) Empty Re: Genesis(Done)

    Post  Kaji Mikoto on Sat May 15, 2010 9:32 am

    Hmm looks pretty good, im giving you some lee-way, dont godmod and its approved, but par site rules you need two approvals to RP, i'll Have inoue look it over when she gets the chance
    Orihime Inoue
    Orihime Inoue

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    Genesis(Done) Empty Re: Genesis(Done)

    Post  Orihime Inoue on Sun May 16, 2010 10:48 am

    Hadou #90 is Kurohitsugi, I have no problem with the custom hadou technique but I would prefer you to re number the hadou technique.I'd say probably 100 or higher since 90 is already a known hadou technique.

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    Genesis(Done) Empty Re: Genesis(Done)

    Post  Genesis on Mon May 17, 2010 1:51 pm

    I edit
    Alastor Alucard
    Alastor Alucard

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    Genesis(Done) Empty Re: Genesis(Done)

    Post  Alastor Alucard on Wed May 19, 2010 5:38 am

    Since you edited and I see nothing else wrong with it besides what Inoue had said at first i'll Approve. And I like the idea of you using Genesis and your zanpakuto idea.... Just don't godmod like Kaji said.

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    Genesis(Done) Empty Re: Genesis(Done)

    Post  Genesis on Wed May 19, 2010 8:12 pm

    I made it Hadou 127

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