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    Bleach Burning Worlds


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    Bleach Burning Worlds Empty Bleach Burning Worlds

    Post  Gen on Fri Jul 02, 2010 3:03 am

    This is a new and up coming site with a different plot and take on the original. This site not Cannon friendly, all cannon characters and moves are forbidden.

    If you have any questions, PM Gen the moderator
    Uchiro Kamashi

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    Bleach Burning Worlds Empty Re: Bleach Burning Worlds

    Post  Uchiro Kamashi on Fri May 17, 2013 12:32 pm

    i am the current new Co-Owner of Bleach Burning Worlds and all things are very similar to how they used to be but we have added alot of new features. Cannon RP is still not allowed (namewise) abilities are aloud just under a different zanpakuto name or whatever it is. Here is our new ad page created by the admin staff:

    Site Name: Bleach Burning Worlds

    Site Type: Role Play, Social Site (Mibbit/Tinychat) , and Music site ( channel)

    Site Description:
    RP Description:
    The year is 2303 and everything has gone to hell. Quincy everywhere, in the windows, doors even in our showers. It's nerve racking if you can even survive anymore. All Captains have died besides Squad 1 Captain and Captain Commander Toshiro Orahara who locked down the Seireitei but we have lost the Rukongai, Academy and Sokyoku Hill as well. Hueco Mundo isn't doing much better with its entire Arrancar army crushed there is nowhere safe to hide besides the Forest of Menos other than that you're a dead man there. Even Hell was conquered somehow, they believe that it is Juhabach's doing since he was killed by Ichigo Kurosaki and Shunsui Kyoraku and sent there over 299 years ago. Is there anywhere safe from these savages everyone calls Quincy or is this the end of it all? Will the Gotei 13 rise again and fight these monsters again? What will become of the Hollow and the Bount as well? Only time will tell this.... i hope.

    Social Description:
    The social part of the site was put into place so that everyone doesn't have to use our main forum chat since it is very laggy and we are working to get it replaced eventually but what we put in will do one better til that time. We have a Mibbit channel added to the site for those who want to use it for group convos or private instant convos for quicker responses and more reliability. The tinychat was added as a feature for those who get bored of typing and would love to vid chat with members of the site without having to give out their skype or facebook for that matter.

    Music Description:
    You may think "Why do you guys have a account for the site?" well i have an answer for that. It's for entertainment purposes and for those who want to hear some new music once in awhile also very nice thing to have while you're posting in the rp or reading things on the site. Saves the person from having to change tabs constantly just to switch songs all the time.

    My comment:
    We staff of Bleach Burning Worlds, including myself, would like to welcome everyone to join in on the new and happening Bleach site out there. We are adding new features all the time to make the site more enjoyable to all members. We are hoping to get a rpg up within the next year or so, we are just on hold with that due to tech staff and myself included don't got the computers with the proper speed to run the programs needed for our idea. But no worries, it's only a matter of time just need a lot of patience. So why not come down and visit us and stay awhile, kick back and relax to our music or read our posts all over the site. Either way we would be happy to have you there.

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