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    Post  Ryukai Viranesh on Sun May 16, 2010 1:10 pm

    General Information

    Name: Diren Saelshens
    Age: 767
    Visual Age: 19-22
    Gender: Male
    Number: 2
    Appearance: Diren is a rather tall Espada, standing at 5’11” tall with a thin but well muscled body and a slight nearly unnoticeable hunch. He has ragged long brown hair that goes down to the middle of his upper back that is only interrupted by the remains of his hollow mask, which covers the back of most of his head and his neck. On this brown hair there is a certain area that has completely whited out, forming the Roman Numeral symbol for “2”, his number in the Espada. His hollow hole is located in his lower sternum. Diren possesses sharp and narrow pinkish red eyes that seem to be cutting apart whoever he looks at, always appraising. He possesses a crooked smile that has become legendary among the Espada for signaling that Diren is pleased or interested in something.

    Diren’s outfit varies rather extensively from that of a normal Espada. While it is in the style of the usual robes, they are split slightly above the center, with the top becoming a vest with a reversed color scheme from the usual robes, black being the primary color. The lower half of his robe possesses the normal white coloring of the Espada robes with a piece of cloth wrapped around his waist. His shoes seem to be a cross between the usual wear of the Espada and boots, meant to give more traction. Diren’s zanpakuto is usually placed going diagonally from across his lower back to his legs, however when he engages in battle, he often straightens it to his side to show that he’s getting serious.

    Cero Color: Sienna Brown
    Signature Cero: Cero Floreciente (Blooming Cero)- When Diren charges up a Cero he can store more energy into its core until the orb simply can’t hold it anymore and bursts, “blooming” into a series of slightly weaker than usual Cero. In his Ressurection form, Diren can form and launch these Ceros without entering a “fighting pose”.
    Innate ability: Diren has his own personal pocket Garganta realm that he can open remotely without too much focus. It can be used to store objects and also to transport his attacks.
    Aspect of death: Despair


    Release Command: "Canibaliza" ("Cannibalize")
    Resurrection name: "Buitre" ("Vulture")
    Resurrection Looks: When in his Ressurection state, Diren gains Vulture-like characteristics. He sprouts a pair of the crooked brown wings typical to the condor and albatross family from his shoulders/back area. Tufts of feathers grow around his neck, waist and ankle areas and his narrow pink-red eyes becoming larger and more noticeable, as well as gaining a hawk’s beak nose. The lower half of his robe has split into a pair of pants made of the same material and that are just as loose fitting around his legs. His vest seems to have almost fallen off but is being held in place by a chain that has wrapped around the back of it and his bare chest. There are 6 spear prongs on the ends of the chain that are vaguely shaped like the beak of a vulture and function as his weapons in this form. His hollow mask has extended to cover part of the top of his head as well as the entire back of the neck, the Roman Numeral 2 no longer being visible in his hair.
    Elemental family: Neutral/Spirit
    Resurrection ability(ies):

    Reiatsu Drain- Diren has the ability to siphon reiatsu through the spear points on his chain. The more and longer it comes in contact with his opponents body, the more reiatsu it can drain, although the drain is of decent speed to begin with. This reiatsu can be used to augment the cutting ability of the spears and can travel along the chain to another spear or back to Diren (it functions like the chain in Ukitake’s Shikai).

    Cuerpo Resucitado (Risen Body) - Diren can use reiatsu that he’s stolen from others or channel his own reiatsu through the chain and through one of the spears into a corpse and return it to life to fight for him. The amount of awareness that the corpse has and the amount of the person’s original abilities that it can use is directly proportionate to the amount of Reiatsu that is inserted into the body. Eventually the body will run out of reiatsu and return to being dead or it can be immobilized or incapacitated.

    Solid Reiryaku Weaponry- Diren can rip feathers off of his body and channel reiatsu through them to create solid close range weapons, like a sword or a hand axe, that are similar in consistency to his zanpakuto. He doesn’t often have to use this technique though, since his style usually prevents enemies from getting close to him, but that doesn’t mean that he isn’t proficient in using any of these weapons.

    Second ressurection: Segador Buitre (Reaper Vulture)
    Second ressurection looks: Diren’s wings grow larger and become slightly more crooked, the tops turning white in color. His hollow masks seems to disintegrate into his hair, turning it a shocking snow white, leaving a single portion black, revealing his roman numeral 2 once again. His irises become yellow and his sclera become the pinkish red color of his eyes. His pants 2/3 of the way up his legs from his feet disintegrate, growing dark feathery tufts with some small amounts of skin showing, his feet becoming talons and his hands clawish, though still able to hold things. The chain that was holding his vest in place is now only on his bare skin and has turned black in color and his vest has become a jacket which is only hanging off slightly, unlike his vest in his previous form.
    Second ressurection ability:

    Guadaña de las Almas – Diren rips off a feather from himself and consumes one of his living corpses, both reiatsu and body. Then he surrounds the feather with the energy from the destruction and the feather disintegrates and the energy coalesces into a sienna colored scythe of energy. This scythe can be used as a melee weapon and produce a wave of energy. It can also be thrown and will dissipate into a large group of smaller sickles that will fly towards the enemy and can cut the opponent, causing them to lose reiatsu and will explode almost immediately after making contact with something.
    -If Diren does not want to sacrifice a corpse, he can form the scythe without the ability to become smaller sickles.

    Personality and Background

    Personality: Diren is a talkative soul who likes to engage in conversation, even when is fighting with others. He almost always seems to be in a good mood, but when he isn’t, it is quite an obvious fact and most around him try to avoid him if they can. Despite seeming to be carefree, he is fact very serious about his Lord Aizen’s campaign. He spends a long period of time observing arrancar and appraising them before he even begins to think of testing them to become members of his Fraccion, membership of which is probably one of the most exclusive things most arrancar can aim for. Diren makes those who serve under him work for perfection, expecting excellence, as he believes in nothing less than complete victory. Diren wants to make his opponent realize that there’s no way out, and to despair in their last moments of life, knowing that there’s nothing they can do to stop him. Despite this, Diren is not arrogant, in fact he considers himself and his opponent equals at the start of a battle.

    Background Diren was originally a carefree, happy young man who had just entered college and planned to marry his high school sweetheart after he could get a high enough paying job to support her. That was before he was walking back to his apartment from his classes one night and ended up in the wrong place at the wrong time. Diren walked in right in the middle of a drug deal and was chased for several miles before he thought he was safe and stopped. However he’d underestimated the men who wanted him dead and as he was walking home the next night, he was shot straight through his lower sternum, not dying immediately. He was forced to watch as the man walked over to him and bent down, mocking and laughing at him before he was shot straight through the head.

    After his death, Diren wandered around as a Plus, overcome by rage. He was angry at the man who had killed and humiliated him so much, he was angry at himself for walking into that situation…..he was angry that he wouldn’t be able to live his life and marry his love. His rage coalesced into purpose. He wanted revenge, wanted to make those men feel what he had felt, and he would do anything to get it. It was this emotion, this determination that caused him to transform into a hollow. Diren wandered around, devouring first the men who had killed him, satisfying his hunger for a long time. After several more such feedings, he fell in with a group of hollow who worked together to eat large amounts of humans, and for the first time, he went to Hueco Mundo

    While he was there, Diren was separated from the group of hollows by a large attack which decimated more than 90% of them; the remaining 10% was their body parts. After he believed he’d ran far enough, he began to walk slowly around, trying to find a place where he could stay and eventually he saw a silhouette on a nearby hillside. As he approached it, the form turned towards him….it was a man, he looked human, but there was an air about him that said otherwise. When Diren finally reached the man, silence reigned for several minutes before he spoke, “I watched the destruction of your fellows, they were completely pathetic….but I sense something different in you. Potential. Do you wish to become stronger than you are right now?” Diren was taken slightly aback at this man’s proposal and took a moment to think about it before he looked the man in the eye, “I do.”

    The man didn’t say another word but walked towards Diren and stopped in front of him and reached his hand slowly towards his face. And ripped off his mask. All of Diren’s senses were overcome by raw and pure agony, he knew nothing else but the pain that was surging throughout his body and that continued to pain him wave after wave, moment after moment. Eventually the pain began to recede and Diren moved to stand up… his surprise he had two legs again…..and was thin. He glanced around in shock his eyes finally settling on the man in front of him. The man spoke again, “I have remade you as you were; now it is time for you to hone your abilities and become useful, and powerful as well. Now come, follow me.” Without another word Diren began to first hobble, then limp and finally walk after the man in front of him, walking into his new life.

    Role-play Sample

    The wind blew and the sand around Diren swirled as he lay back against a dune in the middle of the desert of Hueco Mundo. He was deep in thought about letting an arrancar join his Fraccion and was going over all of the details of that arrancar’s skills and knowledge and so he didn’t notice the rumbling until it was too late. Suddenly the dune burst open and a large hollow appeared with its mouth open over him, set to devour Diren. Diren simply sighed and suddenly was swallowed up into the ground as a Garganta opened beneath him, closing before the hollow could follow him.

    Moments later Diren was falling from the sky towards the hollow’s back, his right palm out before him and a Cero charging in it, the orb becoming larger and larger until it seemed that it might burst….and then it did, into a series of smaller Cero that lanced towards the hollow. The beast screeched in agony as it was pierced by multiple Cero beams first in the back and then in the legs, causing it to fall to its knees. As this was happening, Diren landed on the ground in front of the hollow and turned towards it, beginning to walk.

    “Does it hurt?” said Diren as he strode towards the beast that was keening in pain, not even able to muster the strength to glare at him. Finally, he stopped before the monster and stared down into its mask, almost seeming to stare into its soul. “There’s nothing you can do to stop me is there?” whispered Diren, the hollow finally managing to gather its energy and spit at the arrancar’s feet and then glare up at him. With another sigh Diren responded, “You can’t, and so…….I’ll put you out of your misery now that you know despair and can only do something so petty to get back at me.” Diren raised his right index finger and a Sienna orb began to form at its tip, mere seconds later a cero being released and tearing through the hollows mask followed by the rest of its body, killing it instantly.

    With a final sigh Diren turned and walked away, trying to find another dune and get back to the problem at hand for him, the hollow no more than a distraction to him.
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    one of the better characters i've seen Approved
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    I can say this is definetly one of the best characters i've seen today..... besides my own of course *sniff*.


    And I honestly can't wait to meet you in battle one day.

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