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    General Information

    Name:Kenpachi Zaraki
    Visual Age: 26
    Gender: male
    Appearance: Kenpachi is a muscular Shinigami with a wild and aggressive appearance that fits his personality. He wears a sleeveless captain's haori which has a ragged look to it. He styles his spiked-hair with small bells at its tips and wears a special eyepatch on his right eye created by the Shinigami Research and Development Institute to suppress his vast amount of spiritual energy. He makes his first appearance the eyepatch is more elegant having a gold-like lining and having a chain as one of the straps, this changed as since now worn as a normal black eyepatch with normal straps. He has pronounced hairless eyebrow ridges and a huge scar running down the left side of his face, which he apparently gained long before he served in the Gotei 13, even before finding his future lieutenant, Yachiru Kusajishi. He is also towering at 202 centimeters (approximately 6 feet 6 inches),Kenpachi's unique hairstyle is partly due to the result of his habit to take a bath everyday before going to sleep, which is a necessity to him due to his strong perspiration. During these baths, he usually washes his hair with soap, making it stiff. He enjoys doing so because it's easy for him to set his hair to his preferred style. He once tried a hair treatment recommended by 1st Division Lieutenant Chōjirō Sasakibe, but his hair became too silky and was impossible to set for a while.


    Personality: He is usually depicted as a person who has a very poor sense of direction, asking Yachiru for directions who then randomly points in a direction, as her sense of direction is just as bad. Kenpachi lives for battle and enjoys a good fight more than anything. He even holds back in an effort to make any fight last longer. He also claims that injury and death are nothing but the price one pays for a good fight. Despite his division being the most blood-thirsty squad of the Gotei 13, the 11th Division have their own code of ethics, which is different from the rules and regulation of Soul Society. Although he thrives for battle,Kenpachi has shown to have emotions and cares for Yachiru. Kenpachi and Yachiru have been close, ever since they met, and have a father-daughter-like relationship.
    Aside from Yachiru, Kenpachi deeply gives meaning to his name. Following his fight with Ichigo Kurosaki, Kenpachi talks about the pain of not having a name, as he lived his early years without one. This causes him to feel guilty that his sword isn't acknowledged by its own name.Since then, he has strived to learn its identity.
    Despite his tendency to be brutal, Kenpachi usually stops a fight if his opponent is too injured to fight back,claiming that he isn't interested in fighting. However, he will unhesitatingly kill his opponent if they refuse to end their fight. Kenpachi also strongly believes that fun comes before working. In every battle, he tries to get as much enjoyment out of it as possible.It seems that Kenpachi sometimes contradicts his own logic in fighting. On the one hand, Kenpachi wishes to increase his own personal power. On the other hand, he conceals his strength to enjoy a fight for as long as possible. Irrational to a certain extent, Kenpachi is one of the most complex characters in the series, as he exhibits a wide range of traits, lethargic, bloodthirsty, rebellious, empathetic, and wise.

    Backround:Kenpachi's surname came from the district he once resided in, Zaraki,which was district #80 of the North Alley of Rukongai.District #80 was the worst, most lawless region of Rukongai,full of thieves and murderers.While residing in District #80,Kenpachi was nameless. During that time, he became proficient in swordsmanship and killed numerous enemies. During his travels outside of District #80,he found a small girl and named her Yachiru, in remembrance of the only person he ever admired, after she showed no fear of his sword.Yachiru came from area #79, Kusajishi, where her parents were murdered. The two events were apparently quite close. On that day, he also took on a name: Kenpachi, the title bestowed upon the strongest Shinigami in every generation, the one who has slain the most enemies and won the most battles.They would later have an encounter with Ikkaku Madarame and Yumichika Ayasegawa before they entered Seireitei. Yachiru warned Ikkaku that messing with Zaraki while he was in a good mood was a bad idea, though Ikkaku didn't take the warning seriously. When Kenpachi and Ikkaku meet face to face he immediately became alarmed by his reiatsu but was happy to finally have a real challenge. Kenpachi attacked with enough force to crater the ground under Ikkaku which somewhat alarmed Yumichika. Due to Zaraki's strength, Ikkaku was on the defensive, holding off Zaraki's relentless strikes. The two continued to battle with Ikkaku trying to overwhelm Kenpachi, though he failed to do so, only succeeding in him getting wounds while his opponent remained untouched by his blade. While Kenpachi mentioned he was having fun, he decided to finish Ikkaku with one quick strike resulting in his loss of the fight.Ikkaku became mad that Kenpachi would just walk away without finishing him off. Kenpachi plainly told him that he had no interest in weaklings who couldn't fight. He noted that he didn't have any obligation to finish Ikkaku off, to which Ikkaku thought he was toying with him and demanded that Kenpachi killed him. He lost his patience and grabbed hold of Ikkaku and asked him that if he loved to fight so much, then why was he screaming for death. Kenpachi explained to him a philosophy to follow for people like them. "Don't admit defeat and seek death, die first, then admit defeat. When you lose, but don't die it just means you were lucky. At those times, think only about survival. Survive and think only about killing the guy who failed to kill you". Zaraki then smiled at him and stated that it was not like he went easy on him; he was just lucky to escape death. He expressed that Ikkaku should live, come back, and try to kill him again. As Zaraki went to leave Ikkaku asked him his name and is told he is Kenpachi from Zaraki.
    Sometime later it became widespread news that Kenpachi had beaten the captain of the 11th Division of the Gotei 13 in a single blow, which made him the new captain of that division.

    The following day upon Zaraki's first addressing of his division, he was greeted by Ikakku and Yumichika who had presumably already become Shinigami and joined the division. Ikkaku told Zaraki that he had come back just as he suggested, causing Kenpachi to smile. Later they were present at the battle of the division verses a caterpillar Hollow, while initially the division lost, Ikkaku showed up to fight it but was stopped by Kenpachi who decided to kill it himself. After the Hollow was dispatched, more came, prompting Ikkaku and Yumichika to join in the fight. Though at first he was against it, he was persuaded upon realizing the two had similar fighting traits and as such, would like to fight by his side; Kenpachi allowed them to participate after. Sometime shortly after joining Kenpachi was forced to learn kendō from Genryūsai Shigekuni Yamamoto because he hadn't learned any formal swordsmanship training, having bypassed those normally necessary qualifications due to the way he attained his position. Kenpachi hated using kendō because his battles would end too quickly with it, so he only used it if his own life was in danger.

    Role-play Sample:Standing atop a broken roof, around him was the blood drenched story of what befell those Dage fought. The first of those so willing charged into deaths home meet the blade of a hungry beast almost as if life was limited to the seconds it took for Dage to cleave their heads and limbs ornately from their charging mass, the second wave was more timid only temping the tip of Dage's blade smiling was that of the face of Dage hidden by his hood. Lifting his massive weapon as to signal his men so willing chomping at the bit to enter the fight and in a instant with the bladed lowered into the torso of one soul to close to run was the signal for his men to rip in to the mass of flesh held at bay, with the wrath of of a tsunami Dage and his men washed away all those who stood frozen to the ground unable to respond to the rush of blood lust.

    Moments pasted as each opposing force become lifeless, while their limbs and entrails lived on as a living canvas of the massacre that took place. Blood soaked and gleeful Dage stood ankle deep in the blood of the fallen his blade no longer clean was blessed with the chunks of flesh and bone of his conquest, who could stand agnest the method of war the song of death everything was done for a reason, Dage stood with his bloodied followers each was seemingly held in place by some wall as each waited for the final charge of they dismembered army Dage lifted his chest and in a massive roar signal his men to charge them their was no need to wait for them to bring them selfs into a formation.


    Zanpakto Name:not learned
    Sealed Zanpakuto Appearance:always in Shikai
    Release Command:none
    Shikai Look:The blade is much longer than that of a standard Zanpakutō, roughly the size of a nodachi with a guard that extends inward from its center similar to a shinai. The hilt is white although most of it is wrapped in bandages, as is his sword's sheath. Despite constantly being in its Shikai state.It is a chipped and seemingly worn-down blade. Despite its appearance, it is easily capable of cutting through most objects.
    Shikai Ability:None
    Bankai Name:None
    Bankai Look:None
    Bankai Ability:None
    Zanpakuto Spirit Appearance:None
    Zanpakuto Spirit Personality:None

    Kido Type:

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