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    General Information
    Name: Ashley Kirei-Warau
    NickName: Ley(Lee)
    Age: 216
    Gender: Male
    Visual Age: 21
    Ex-Squad: 4th Division
    Ex-Rank: Seated
    Appearance: Ley, stands at around 5'10" tall and weighs 165 pounds of slender muscle. He has bright green-blue eyes that always show signs of happiness. His shinigami gear is typical. Black, with white sash. He refuses to wear the sandals as he claims they hurt, so you can always catch him in tabi boots or shoes.

    His hair is a dirty blonde that has a braided pony tail in the back, and messy in the front. He also has a tattoo on his chest of the words lovers forever, with a gash over one part. His team speculate it to be the name of someone in Seireitei.


    Ley is really kind and tends to love to help those in need. Along with those who ask. Even though he is built for fighting he wanted to join the 4th division so he could help those who was hurt in battle. Not really the quite type, like his Zanpakutou's spirit nor the lonely type. Ley likes to be right there talking away and making people happy. His eyes seem to always be filled with hope and happiness even when he is about to be killed.

    Not wanting to think to much on what could have been or where he might go when he die, again.

    But his personality changed once his Hollow mask appeared. He was still the happy go lucky person people knew, but he was also somber and sad at the same time. Not knowing what was going to happy if he was going to be the same person he had always been.

    When his mask appears he tends to black out, not knowing what is happing until after the mask is removed.

    Ley, has been in the Seireitei his entire life. Exactly 200 plus years. The way it happened was that he was a still born, born dead. His mother saw his face and still wanted to give him a name. She named him Ashley Kirei-Warau. After his great grandmother. Being born dead and going to the Seireitei tends to make a person happier in his case.

    He lived with his great grandmother once he came to the Seireitei. Growing up like a normal kid, he went to the Shinigami academy to learn how to become a Shinigami. Studying everything in Zankensoki. His favorite things to learn were the Kido and a few healing techniques.

    After he graduated from the Academy, he quickly applied for a seated position in the 4th division. Stating that he had the heart to fight, but his heart wanted more to do with the after care portion instead of the fighting portion.

    At first he was denied. The Captain then judged him only by his looks. Which resembled someone of the 2nd division or 11th. So, he joined the 11th division for a brief moment, before he was tossed out for healing his teammates in the mist of battle with a Hadou he learned in the Academy.

    He was quickly taken in by the 4th divisions captain and given the 5th seat. Loving his position he advanced in missions and seated ranks. When he learned Shikai before his Lieutenant his Captain offered him the seat, but he declined stating that he enjoyed not having to hold, peoples unharmed lives in his hands.

    It was not long, before the boy learned to go into Bankai. His Captain did not even attempt to offer him a higher rank, she just pretended she did not know he could do so. As if he kept it a secret.

    It was 100 years ago when his Hollow mask came in. He was on a mission with some members of other squads doing recon. When a group of humanoid hollows Attacked them, seeing the carnage and the death that the group had taken. Broke something in him. He was sad, but mad. He wanted to heal everyone, but was not able to.

    The shock of seeing his friends and allies hurt made Ley Snap. Once the event was over and done with. He went back to the Seireitei. Fragments of his hollow mask still on. The Shinigami all turned their backs to him and banned him. Even though they left him to fend for himself he held no ill fated hatred. He knew they were doing their job as protectors, and he was what they had sworn to defend against.

    Role-play Sample:
    Ley's eyes witnessed a grave act. His fellow Shinigami were being slaughter like lambs to a lion. With fear running through his body he placed his hands over the fallen, trying to revive them, but to no avail. As he healed the creatures seemed to finish them off once more.
    "Stop it." He voiced silently. The creatures seemed to ignore his words. Looking at them with his eyes that always showed signs of hope and happiness. He exclaimed to the beast. "I said stop it, NOW!" His eyes showing signs of fear and protection.

    Placing his hand on his Zanpakutou he unsheathe the mirror item. The sword gleamed with light reflecting off of it. A smirk entered onto Ley's lips as he spoke the phrase. "Waikyoku to kondo, moso no niji" The blade became two hook swords and the seated 4th division member chuckled.

    "I hate having to fight, but you leave me no choice." He said as he maneuvered towards the creatures fast. His movements were swift and precise his hands twirling the Zanpakutou. The hollows began to see what they wanted to see, Ley still coming for them.
    Once he was close enough to the first one he swung his hook sword at him, but nothing.

    Knocking the creature out of his delusion. So, my shikai is not good enough on hi. Guess I should attack the small one first. He thought quickly twirling his blades to keep the hollows trapped in their delusions. Making his way to the lesser of the evil, size wise he swung the free Hook sword at the creature, hitting his mask.

    Barely putting a scratch on his face. Before the shinigami could react he was knocked back a ways. Catching himself in mid air.

    Each of the Hollows began to roar loudly. Grabbing his ears he smirked. He was not about to defeat these guys in this form. Standing up on air above the creatures he held out his arm, blades touching hilt wise as he proclaimed. "I thought I would have been able to defeat you all in shikai, but I guess I was wrong."

    Holding them tightly in place and frowning as if he was mad he yelled out the words "BANKAI!" his shikai fusing together into a staffed type weapon that still resembled his Hook Swords. Ley's clothing changed drastically. Not wasting anytime he attack. Taking out the small one first.

    Ley stood still for a moment and then he began to spin his weapon around like it was a staff. The reflective item spinning so fast that it makes a mirror in the air, in front of the man. Then he spins it behind himself and around, making an illusion of being surrounded by a mirror. Each creature began to attack him hitting him hard, the mans trick seemed to not be working for long.

    Or they saw enemies that was stronger than they. Once they hollows got within his bubble he was no more able to spin his weapon so he attack. Fighting each as they came. Sometimes fighting multiple at once. The group began to overwhelm the fighter.

    Falling to the ground his eyes landed on his fallen comrades. "You will not take them." he said thinking that they wanted to eat them, being hollows. He had heard of a hollow taking on the form of the ones he killed and he was not going to allow that to happen.

    One of the creatures placed its foot on Ley's head and began to push down as the rest started to kick and punch him. As the beating continued his body began to convulse. His eyes became pitch black. He began to scream out in pain. Standing up he pushed the Hollows away. His Reiatsu began to claim the hollows began to disperse.

    Ley stood his body shaking, black thread like energy began to form around his person. "Agh, what is happening?" he asked in a raspy voice that sounded as if his voice box had be broken. When the energy settled there was only one Hollow a big one.

    Pointing to him he attacked body going crazy, Zanpakutou on the ground. He was using his hands to rip the beast apart. Gruesome screams exiting his mouth. He was mad, but on the inside he was sleep. The beast he had become was destroying everything in sight. WHen he was done using his had he picked up his sword.

    And cut the creature in two. Walking over to the fallen Shinigami he began to step down, but stopped grabbing his face he ripped the mask off showing his eyes.

    "Lets get out of here." he said picking up the remainder of his team, four people and carrying them back to Soul Society. Walking in he collapsed.

    Zanpakuto Name: Moso no niji (Rainbow of Delusion)

    Sealed Zanpakuto Appearance: Moso when sealed takes on the appearance of mirror type Katana that shimmers and reflects light like it is a mirror. The blade is around 36 inches long and the hilt is 6 inches making the weapon itself 42 inches long. Moso has a sheathe that too is reflective.
    Release Command:
    Distort and Confuse, Rainbow of Delusion. (Waikyoku to kondo, moso no niji)
    Shikai Look: Just as the sealed form is reflective in many ways, his shikai is also reflective like a mirror. Ley receives two hook swords when he releases his Zanpakutou.

    Shikai Ability: When spun around separately Ley's Shikai emits a high pitch whistle and vibrations that distort and confuse the target miss leading them greatly. Making them believe what they want to believe about the battle. i.e if they want to believe the person is a coward and ran then they will see that. A coward running from a fight.

    Bankai Name: Genso no niji (Rainbow of Illusion)
    Bankai Look: The blades become fused at the hilts and the reflective properties is much greater reflecting light and images on a greater scale. The weapon can also be spun much faster by the hilt to give it a more circular effect when spinning making it look more like a mirror

    Bankai Ability: When spun around the weapon form a mirror type sphere that can reflect light, images along with sending out sound waves that distort the senses and mess with the way the brain works, causing the brain to re-wire itself into believing and seeing what the person wants them to hear or see or smell or even taste. It can even change a person taste buds.

    Zanpakuto Spirit Appearance: Moso, stands at around 5'10" tall and weighs 165 pounds of slender muscle. He has bright green eyes that always show signs of happiness. Unlike his shinigami he wears the typical school uniform. As to represent what Ley wishes he could go and do. Or what Ley wishes he could be. Also not like his Shinigami, Moso wears the sandals that Ley refuses to wear. He too has dirty blond hair, but he does not have a braided pony-tail. The tattoo on Moso's chest read inseparable.

    Zanpakuto Spirit Personality:
    Moso is a trickster when it comes to Ley or anyone. He loves to play jokes and have a good time. When he is alone in his spirit world, he tends to draw or paint to kill time. Sometimes when Ley goes to see him, he would appear in an Art Studio and find himself surrounded by what Moso think the world looks like.

    Most of the pictures he paint are dark and sad. So, Ley thinks that his spirit is lonely when he is not there with him. So, when he goes he tries his best to bring the Zanpakutou's feelings up. Which ends up being a game of some sort. Basically Moso is a kid at heart like his owner.

    Cooldown/Duration: 6/9

    Mask Information Name: Ashuri
    Manifestation: Ashuri resembles Ley a lot. The only difference is that he is completely white and tends to have fangs. His hair forms into a long braided pony-tail that is 60 inches in length. His muscles tone down and looks more tight with them as if the body fat ratio has dropped to almost 5% if not none.

    Inner Hollow Personality: Unlike Ley who seems to have nothing, but hope and happiness in his eyes. Ashuri tends to have nothing, but hate in his, loving the fight more than anything. Once he is knocked down, if he is not dead then he pops back up in seconds, with a screeching scream to follow. Ashuri refuses to be stuck in one places so the majority of the battle with him tend to be done in Sonido. Fast rapid and violent.

    Mask Ability: Cero
    Hollow Mask Appearance: The mask that Ley gets is solid black with eye holes only that show off the evil blackness of the eyes with are a red tint if any at all. Between the eyes and top part of the forehead is a large bone type mohawk horn. That is sharp enough to be used to block a Zanpakutou.
    Duration/Cooldown: 5/8

    Kido Type: Hadou
    Name: Keikatsu (Opening Revival)
    Number: Unknown
    Effect: It is a healing technique that several anyone (even those outside of 4th Division) can use. It heals one individual.

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